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 +======ICS installation in virtual environment======
 +**Virtual Machine** — is a  hardware or software system, emulating hardware support for specific OS or running software related to its OS  (target is a target or guest Operating System) on other Operating System (host  is Host OS, the host platform) or some virtualized platform built on its environment,​ isolated from one another program and even operating systems.
 +In some cases it is unneeded to provide ICS with separate computer, as we can have a Virtual Machine. For instance you can run ICS on virtual machine based on server or even workstation in small-office environment,​ which will provide significant savings.
 +Currently ICS supports following virtual environments:​
 +  * [[vmware|VMWare Workstation и VMWare ESXi]]
 +  * [[vbox|Virtual Box]]
 +  * [[hyperv |Microsoft Hyper-V]]
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