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 +=====External channels=====
 +The system allows you to exchange calls between employees of your organization within the corporate network without any additional settings. In order to configure incoming and outgoing calls to the external network, you should add at least one external communication channel.
 +ICS CUBE supports two types of channels - SIP and IAX, and similarly two types of tunnels. Tunnels are like providers, but usually serve as a simplified mean of connecting two ICS CUBEs. To set up a new channel, click the “Add” button.
 +SIP provider allows to set up the connecting server, the phone number, login and password if needed. The “Automatically create a rule” checkbox, using the prefix, serves to specify the default external call prefix. This prefix is ​​the number by which ICS CUBE  makes decision on, whether to send a call to an external network or process it locally. For example, a call to the number 555-3333 with the specified prefix 9 will be dialed by the client as 9-555-3333. “DTMF mode”, “insecure” and “canreinvite” options allow you to configure the tone dialing modes. If the provider has specific settings, then you can specify the registration string by checking the corresponding box.
 +**Important**:​ in some cases, the SIP-telephony provider cannot recognize a subscriber dialing an external number. If after having registered the provider you have incoming calls passing, but cannot place outgoing calls, then in the “FromUser” field you should specify a phone number or a login of your  connection to the provider (depending on the provider’s features).
 +The “maintain connection” parameter indicates whether the remote device is available for making calls. ICS CUBE will periodically send the  OPTIONS SIP message to check availability. If the receiving device does not respond within a specified period (or a default period of 2000 ms) in milliseconds,​ then ICS CUBE considers this device as offline and unavailable for making calls. This option is used only if VoIP network is located the behind NAT.
 +IAX2 (Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol) - an alternative VoIP data exchange protocol between IP-PBX. It is most adapted for NAT translated addresses, and unlike SIP and H.323, it uses only one port 4569 of the UDP protocol for signaling and media stream. Similarly to SIP provider, an IAX provider asks for a connection server, a phone number, a login and password if necessary, and an external prefix. “Mode of operation” option (not present in SIP provider settings) should be set to “client” ifyou use the communication channel to connect to an external server of your provider, and to “server” ​ in the case other clients are connected to the ICS CUBE through an external channel.
 +Tunnels are generally similar to the respective providers, extra options that are not required for configuration are hiding in the tunnels. One of the ICS CUBEs linked by the tunnel is selected as the server, and the second asy the client. The rest of their settings are similar to those of a SIP or IAX provider.
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