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 +=====Access speed-limit to Internet resources=====
 +If your Internet provider is not providing enough bandwidth or in case you are looking for limiting access-speed to resources you may wish to create "Speed limit" rule. In user setting "Rules and Restrictions"​ select "​Add->​Speed Limit"​.
 +Limits imposing is necessary in case if user is assigned with some traffic-priority (example - mail traffic) and other traffic types (for example ftp and http) should be limited
 +{{::​ics-shaper-add.png|Speed limit}}
 +In the rule settings you may specify rule direction, protocol, port and time-range.
 +Rule application could be of 3 different types:
 +|for each profile|The rule is applied to whole object meaning that summary download speed of the user's group may not exceed defied one in the rule|
 +|for each group|Applied to a group. Using this method - each user in the group is limited by defined seed-limit|
 +|for each IP address|applied to user or group. Using this limit type each of the users (with IP address assigned) in the Local LAN is limited with speed-limit equal to defined in the rule|
 +In order to completely speed-limit of the user including connections to ICS - a special check-box may be selected.
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