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 +FIXME **Эта страница пока что не переведена полностью. Пожалуйста,​ помогите завершить перевод.**\\ //​(Сотрите это сообщение по окончании перевода.)//​
 +====== Allow rule ======
 +=== How to create an exception from deny rule? ===
 +Sometimes there is a requirement to create an exception for [[запрещающее правило|Deny rule]]. You can use an "Allow rule" for this purpose. Regardless the sort-order in the web-interface,​ allow rules are applied before deny rules.
 +{{:​ics-pass-new.png|Разрешающее правило}}
 +=== How to allow access to particular resource even if the user is disabled? ==
 +If you need to allow access of a particular user to site or host even is quota is exceeded or user is disabled - use "Allow rule" with "allow even if user is disabled"​ option.
 +=== What is the rules order? ==
 +Deny and Allow rules are applied in the following order (from top to bottom):
 +  - Profile assigned to root group
 +  - Allow rules for root group
 +  - Deny rules for root group
 +  - …
 +  - Profiles assigned to parent group
 +  - Allow rules of parent group
 +  - Deny rules of parent group
 +  - Profiles assigned to a user
 +  - User Allow Rules
 +  - User Deny rules
 +=== How to allow access to port-range?​==
 +You can specify a range of ports using "​-"​ as well as list of ports using comma - ","​ or space-bar -" "​. ​
 +Example: ''​21,​22,​1100-1200''​.
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