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 +=====Phone numbers=====
 +The next tab displays a list of telephone numbers registered with the PBX. In this tab you can create the following objects:
 +Phone number. It has parameters: a number, a brief description,​ a password (set if necessary) and the user to whom this number is associated in the general phone book. Additionally,​ you can specify the waiting timeout for this number (by default it is defined in the settings) and the number of channels that this number can use. The checkbox “Allow to connect from the outside” allows you to determine whether the number will be available for connection from external networks. Also you can specify the email of the user to which voicemail messages and missed call notifications will be sent.
 +**Important**:​ if you check the box “Allow to connect from the outside” for a phone number, then it is recommended to set a secure password so that it is not picked up by intruders.
 +“Fax” allows you to set up reception of  faxes to a specified number and saving them in TIFF format in the File Storage folder.
 +“Group of numbers” allows to combine phone numbers into groups which can be used as objects in the rules.
 +“Conference” creates a phone number, having called to which, each user will hear all other users who have also been calling to this to this number at the same time, forming a conference call.
 +The button “Send fax” allows to send a fax to an external number.
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