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 +FIXME **Эта страница пока что не переведена полностью. Пожалуйста,​ помогите завершить перевод.**\\ //​(Сотрите это сообщение по окончании перевода.)//​
 +======Installation from USB flash drive======
 +ICS allows instalaltion not only from CD-ROM, but also from USB flash-drive.
 +A special application is needed for image recording. It could be downloaded [[http://​​ics-boot-flash.exe|here]].
 +In the new opened window - specify the path to ISO-images and flash-drive followed by OK. Writing to flash drive process will begin.
 +Once finished - plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on ICS installation computer and make sure to specify USB-flash drive as first booting device in the system BIOS.
 +**Warning: not all motherboards are supporting installation from USB-flash drive!**
 +Once the image boots from the flash drive - normal installation process will start [[en:​installation|as normal]].
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