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Kaspersky Antivirus

On the main page of the module you can see the service status, the “Disable” button (or “Enable”, if the module is disabled), the versions of the module and its databases, the license expiration date and last log messages. Important: default status of the service is “Not configured”. To activate it, set a flag in the proxy-server settings - “Use Kaspersky Antivirus”. Please, note that you also need to purchase and install a license key.


License manager allows to upload licenses and view information about them.

Check antivirus database updates sets a period for antivirus databases update. If you choose “every day” or “once a week” option, you can also set the time of the update.

The Use in proxy and Check mail flags work the same as the correspondent flags in the “Proxy” and “Mail” modules - enable antivirus in these modules.

Update databases when the antivirus is disabled - if the system load is high, antivirus will be updated only when disabled to not increase the load further.

Extended logging - log will show more information about module в журнал попадает больше информации о работе модуля. (Attention! This option may highly increase the system load)


The “Events” tab contains the list of all that Kaspersky Antivirus has blocked. In every string you can find time and cause of blocking.


On the “Log” tab you can find all the system messages of Kaspersky Antivirus service. The log is divided into pages, you can use buttons “Next” and “Previous” to navigate through it, or enter the page number directly in the appropriate field.

Log messages are marked with colour depending on their type. Normal messages are white, system status messages (turning on/off) are green, errors are red.

In the top right corner of the module there is a search line. You can use it to look for specific log messages. Log always shows events for the current date. To view logs for another day, pick a date from the calendar in the top left corner of the module.

If necessary, you can save the log into a file, using the “Export” button.

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