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The “Backups” module is located in the “Service” menu. This module can be used to manage, create and delete backups in ICS CUBE. The main module window has three tabs: Backups, Templates and Settings.

BackUp Menu


The “Backups” tab. On this tab you can see existing ICS CUBE backups and managment tools for them. To create a new ICS CUBE backup, press the “Add” button. After this a dialog window will appear in which you can choose which data to save: ICS CUBE settings, all gathered ICS CUBE statistics, all mail messages stored in ICS CUBE, all call records, databases for all web-resourses, folders from file storage. After the data is chosen, press the “Add”. As a result, a new backup will be created with a name <system name>-<date>-<time>-<content of the backup>-<ICS version>-backup. Also on this tab the previously created backups can be deleted, and new ones can be uploaded: from external resourses in the *.bin format (the “Upload” button), and you can also upload a backup from file storage of ICS CUBE using the button “Upload from file storage”.

When you choose one of the backups, the buttons “Delete”, “Restore”, “Download”, “Copy to FTP” will become available. If you press the “Restore” button, ICS CUBE will restore the saved data, though if, for example, “Statistics” wasn't chosen during the creation of the backup, then it will not be restored, thus, anyhow changed on the server. To save the backup outside the ICS CUBE server, you need to press “Download” and set the path to save the backup. If you press the “Copy to FTP” button, ICS CUBE will attempt to copy the backup to the ftp-server set in the “Settings” tab. You can see the result of this operation in the system log.

BackUp List


The “Templates” tab. It can be used to create backups on a schedule, and also to delete previously created backups and copy to ftp. In the ICS CUBE there are two pre-defined templates: “Settings backup” (it's saving only the settings of ICS CUBE) and “Full backup” (it's making a full backup of ICS CUBE). To activate one of the templates, you need to set up it's schedule.

To create a backup template, you need to press the “Add” button. The new dialog window “Adding backup template” will be open. It has three tabs: General settings, Schedule and Copying. In the “General settings” tab the mandatory fiels are: the name and at least one of the data types for backing up (ICS CUBE settings, all gathered ICS CUBE statistics, all mail messages stored in ICS CUBE, all calls records, databases of all web resourses, folders from file storage). In the “Schedule” tab you can set the time for creation and deletion of the backup. When you set creation time, you can also set a period (once a day, once a week, once in two weeks, once a month), a day of the week and time in the hh:mm format for backup creation. When setting up the schedule for backup deletion, you can set up a period (older then a day, older then a week, older then a month, older then 3 months, older then 6 months, older then a year) to delete backups. In the “Copying” tab you can set the setting for an FTP server: IP-address or domain name, FTP port, relative path to the folder, login and password, These settings are not connected anyhow to the settings of FTP server in the “Settings” tab. This way every template can be set to its own FTP server.

If necessary, the templates can be deleted or edited - you can choose the template and press the button according your needs.

BackUp Templates


The “Settings” tab. You can either set saving the backup to ICS CUBE's hard drive (the “Hard drive for backup storage” block) or removable drive (the “Automatically copy the backup to the flash drive” block) or a remote FTP server (the “Copy backups to FTP server” block), it will help to ensure safety to backups in case of hard drive troubles. To avoid overuse of the hard drive (statistics backups can be rather large) you can set the parameters for automatic deletion of the old backups (the “Automatically delete manual backups” block), setting up the appropriate schedule.

BackUp Settings

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