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Bandwidth allocation

After choosing “Add”, you will see the bandwidth allocation settings window. In this window there are the following fields:

  • Destination address,
  • Protocol,
  • Port,
  • Speed,
  • Priority,
  • Time
  • The “use the bandwidth allocation of a parent” checkbox;


You can check what values are acceptible when you place the cursor on the field, or you can choose a value from the drop-down list containing the objects that are already known to ICS CUBE. Bandwidth allocation is a QoS (quality of service) tool, it is used, for example, to reserve a communication channel, for example, for qualitative IP-telephony the necessary bandwidth allocation and IP-telephony ports need to be set up, and the rule should be assign to approptiate users.

When you mark the “use the bandwidth allocation of a parent” checkbox, traffic set in the rule, can use bigger bandwidth then it's set in the rule, if the channel is free.

The “priority” field works when the channel is overloaded: the most prioritized traffic goes first.

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