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Bandwidth allocation.

After choosing “Add”, you will see the bandwidth allocation settings window. In this window there are the following fields:

  • destination,
  • protocol,
  • port,
  • speed,
  • priority,
  • duration,
  • the “borrow bandwidth from parent” checkbox;

You can check which values are acceptable when you place the cursor over the field, or you can choose a value from the drop-down list containing the objects that are already known to ICS CUBE. Bandwidth allocation is a QoS (quality of service) tool. It is used to reserve a communication channel, for example, for reliable IP-telephony the necessary bandwidth allocation and IP-telephony ports need to be set up, and the rule should be assign to appropriate users.

When you mark the “borrow bandwidth from parent” checkbox, traffic set in the rule, can use bigger bandwidth then it is specified in the rule, if the channel is unoccupied.

The “priority” field works when the channel is overloaded: the most prioritized traffic goes first.

Important: for ICS CUBE version 6 this rule is compatible with the following list of network interface card drivers: ae, age, alc, ale, an, ath, aue, axe, bce, bfe, bge, bxe, cas, cxgbe, dc, de, ed, em, ep, epair, et, fxp, gem, hme, igb, ipw, iwi, ixgbe, jme, le, msk, mxge, my, nfe, nge, npe, qlxgb, ral, re, rl, rum, sf, sge, sis, sk, ste, stge, ti, txp, udav, ural, vge, vr, vte, wi, xl.

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