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Calls log.

The “Calls log” module is located in the “IP telephony” menu.

The call log lists all incoming and outgoing calls to the system, including forwarded and unanswered calls.


There are fields for specifying call selection parameters in the left part of the window.

The “Calls details” flag is used to view all calls for the period. When this flag is set, the “Grouping” field becomes inactive.

The “Grouping” field is used for generating a report by time (by month, day, or hour), sources, or destinations. You can select only one value for record grouping.

The “Dialer”, “Dialed number”, and “Response” fields are used for selecting records, the corresponding columns of which match the specified values. You can select a number or group of numbers entered in the ICS CUBE, or specify the number manually.

The “Result” field is used for filtering records by call type: “answer”, “no answer”, “busy” and “connection failed”.

The “Time from … to” fields are used to specify the time interval for record filtering.


If the “Record calls” flag is set in the IP telephony settings and the conversation duration is more than 5 seconds, the “Play” and “Download” buttons are activated when a table row is selected. The audio recording file is in .mp3 format.


The data obtained as a result of filtering can be exported to a file (.csv, .txt, .xls) for further printing. When you select one of the formats, a new “Settings” dialog box will open, where you will be asked to specify how to export the table (“Export all pages”). You can also select the time interval for displaying the report on this tab: “Today” (displays calls as of the current day), “Week” (displays calls as of the current week from Monday to Sunday), “Month” (displays calls as of the current month from the first to the last day), “Period” (you need to specify the period).

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