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Time and Date

The “Time and date” module is located in the “Maintenance” menu. This module is intended for working with time and date in the ICS CUBE, and it also contains the following tabs: “Time and date”, “Time server”, “Time intervals” and “Log”.

Time and date.

“Time and date” tab. Required fields on this tab are “Date” and “Time”. If the time server is turned off, you can set the necessary time and date values.

The “Time zone” field is used to specify the current time zone.

The “Servers for synchronizing NTP server” field contains the predefined URLs of the NTP server pools. You can enter the IP-addresses of NTP servers or other pools in this field. Built-in NTP server in the ICS CUBE uses URL data to synchronize time and date.

If you set the “Automatically create a permitting rule to access to NTP server” flag, the enabling rule for access from local and DMZ networks to the ntp (123) port will be set in the firewall.

Time server.

It displays the current state of the time server (NTP-server of the ICS CUBE). Namely, the URL of the NTP server with which the ICS CUBE is synchronized ( means that NTP servers are not available), as well as the accuracy level of this synchronization process (1 – maximum accuracy, 16 – servers are not available). The “Disable” / “Enable” button can be used to stop or start the time server. This tab can also be used to display the time server log as of the current date.

Time intervals.

It allows you to set the time intervals by days of the week and the time “from … to …”. Created time intervals are displayed on this tab. Time intervals can be added, deleted and edited by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Created time intervals can be used in various ICS CUBE modules where you need to set the action time.

When adding a time interval, a new dialog box will open, in which it is necessary to specify a name, days of the week, as well as duration of this time interval. All fields are required.


The “Log” tab displays a summary of all system messages of the corresponding servers with the date and time. The log is divided into pages, using the “forward” and “back” buttons it is possible to go from page to page, or enter the number of the desired page.

Log entries are highlighted in color depending on the type of message. Normal system messages are marked in white, system status messages (on / off, user connection) are green, warnings are yellow, errors are red.

In the upper right corner of the log is a search bar. And the ability to select the period for displaying the event log. By default, the log displays events for the current date. If necessary, you can save the log data to a file by clicking the “Export” button or delete the log data for a certain period by clicking the “Delete logs” button.

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