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Time and Date

“Time and date” module is located under the path: Menu → Service. This module, as the name implies, is for manipulating with time and date settings of ICS CUBE. It contains the following tabs: “Time and date”, “Time server”, “Time intervals” and “Log”. The “Time and date” tab has two fields, which have to be se for correct ICS CUBE functioning: “Time” and “Date”. If the time server is not configured, it is possible to set current time and date. “Timezone” field is meant to hold your current timezone. The “Time servers for NTP-server synchronization” contains

Time server

Shows current state of ICS CUBE time server (NTP server with the name of ICS). Namely it shows URL of external NTP server ICS is synchronised with ( stands for no NTP servers available for synchronization) and precision level for each synchronization (where 1 stands for best precision and 16 for server unavailability). “Enable/Disable” button is used to start or stop the ICS CUBE time server. Also this tab contains time server log for the current date.

Time intervals

Time intervals allow to set named intervals of time using days, hours and minutes. The tab displays existing intervals. They can be added, deleted and edited by pressing corresponding button. When adding new time interval a dialogue windows will pop up, where you will have to indicate name, select days of the week and time from which till which the interval is active. The intervals created here will be used in other places of ICS CUBE configuration, where time condition is required.


Displays a list of all system messages of this module with date and timestamp. The log is divided into pages. “Forward” and “Back” buttons allow to move between pages. Alternatively you can type in the page number you need. Items in the log are marked by color depending on the type of a message. Normal system messages are marked white, state transfer information, such as startup and shutdown, user connection are marked green, warnings are yellow and errors are red. Upper right corner of the module contains search field and period selection tool. By default the log show entries for the current date. If necessary the log contents can be saved into a file using “Export” button. Also all or some entries can be deleted with “Delete logs” button, which will first open a dialogue to specify time range of deletion.

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