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-=====Mail ​collector=====+=====Mail ​retriever=====
-To manage ​mail accounts, which are located on other mail servers, you can use "​Mail ​collector" ​in ICS CUBE. In the main window ​of it there are: "Add" ​button, ​"Turn on/off" ​button, search, mail collectors that already exist. To add a new mail collectoruse the button "​Add", ​and a dialog window will appear.+The "Mail fetcher"​ module is located in the "​Mail"​ menu. It is intended for managing ​mail accounts located on other mail servers. The main window of the "​Mail ​fetcher" ​module displays ​the status ​of the service with the possibility to "Disable" ​(or "Enable" ​if the service is disabled)configured ​mail retrieversas well as the search bar and function buttons (add, delete, disable, edit, clear, retrieve).
-In the dialog window you can set:+{{:mail_getmail1.png?​|}}
-  * unordered List Itemthe name of the mail collector; +==== Adding mail retriever. ==== 
-  * ip-address or domain name of the server from which you want to collect ​mail; + 
-  * server ​type (POP3 or IMAP)+To add a new mail retriever, click "​Add",​ a new dialog box will open where you need to specify ​the name and settings for connecting to an external ​mail server. 
-  * in case if secured connection is necessary, you can mark the checkbox "Use SSL"+ 
-  * in the "​login" ​and "password ​field" should be credentials of the remote mailbox from which you want to collect ​mail; +{{:​mail_getmail2.png?​|}} 
-  * the receiver of collected ​messages ("Identify receiver ​automatically" ​or "​Redirect ​to")+ 
-  * the way to collect the messages ​in the "Collect" field ("all messages, delete messages from the server", "only new messages, ​leave messages ​on the server")+To configure access to third-party server, fill in the following fields: 
-  * an interval ​between ​connections ​to the remote mail server ​to collect mail. By default ​it'​s ​every minutes; minimum ​is every seconds; maximum ​is every 24 hours+  * Server - the IP-address or domain name of the server from which mail will be collected
-  * max value of the amount ​of mail that will be collected ​in one session, by default it's 100 mail messages.+  * Server ​type POP3 or IMAP; 
 +  * Use SSL - if you need to use an encrypted connection
 +  * Login and password ​- data for logging in to a remote mailbox from which mail will be collected. 
 +**The "​Detect recipient automatically"​ mode** assumes that the external mail domain (for example,, where the mailbox is located (for example,,​ from which mail messages ​are collected, has a number of links to itself ​(for example,,​,​ And there is a domain at the ICS CUBE server, for example,, and the following mailboxes have been created:, and  
 +Then the ICS CUBE mail retriever, working in the "Detect recipient ​automatically" ​mode, will collect mail from and automatically distribute emails ​to, and depending on which link they came to (,​,​ respectively). If the mailbox is specified ​in the optional ​"Joint email" field, the mail fetcher will put emails there for which it could not automatically determine the recipient. 
 +**The "Forward to" mode** assumes that you specify a single mailbox where emails will be collected from an external mailbox. 
 +In the "​Retrieve"​ field, you need to choose how emails are collected:​ 
 +  * all messages, delete messages from the server
 +  * only previously unretrieved ​messages, ​delete ​messages ​from the server; 
 +  * only previously unretrieved messages, keep messages on the server. 
 +The "​Interval"​ field defines the time between ​requests ​to the remote mail server ​for collecting emails. By defaultevery five minutes; minimum every five seconds; maximum ​once a day
 +The "​Retrieve maximum, emails per session"​ field helps with the maximum number ​of emails ​collected ​per session, by defaultit is one hundred emails. 
 +==== Retriever clearing. ==== 
 +To delete information about previously collected emails, use the "​Clear"​ button. After you confirm the action, the data will be deleted and earlier emails will be received during the next collection operation. For example, this operation is useful if you need to retrieve emails that have already been collected. 
 +==== Retrieve. ==== 
 +To force mail to be collected, use the "​Retrieve"​ button. After you confirm the action, an extraordinary attempt will be made to collect emails in accordance with the settings of the created mail fetchers.
-Mail collector works in two modes - "​Identify receiver automatically"​ and "​Redirect to". The "​Identify receiver automatically"​ mode is for situations when you have on your external mail server (for example,,​ where your mailbox exists (for example,,​ from which you collect mail, has some links to itself (for example,,​,​ And in ICS CUBE mail server there is a domain, for example, and there are mailboxes like,​,​ Then ICS CUBE mail collector in the "​Identify receiver automatically"​ will collect mail messages from and automatically distribute them to,​,​ depending on which link they came to (,​,​ accordingly). In case if in the non-mandatory field the "​Default mailbox"​ is set, then mail collector will move mail messages of which he wasn't able to identify the receiver, there. The "​Redirect to" mode is for setting up one mailbox to which all collected messages will be placed. 
-After all fields being set and saved, the new mail collector will appear in the list of existed mail collectors. You can perform the following actions with it: "​Delete",​ "​Edit",​ "​Clear"​ and "​Collect"​. 
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