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Interface settings

“User interface settings” module can be found under the path: Menu → Service. This module allows to fine tune some parameters of user web interface of ICS CUBE.

“Language” field allow to select the language of the web interface.

“User view” allows to toggle the way users are shown in the interface between a tree and a list.

“Session timeout” allows to set timeout for a session. Timeout is the period upon elapse of which the session with web interface will be closed after last user’s action. Please note, that if the web interface shows a page with dynamic contents (with constant updates), this session will not be closed even if the user is inactive after set session timeout period.

“Enable IP auth” flag allows all users with IP address configured in ICS CUBE to pass authentication and authorization without entering login and password.

“Web interface port” field allows to set the port at which to connect the web interface. It is port 81 by default.

“Certificate for web interface” field allows to select a certificate to use HTTPS protocol to connnect to ICS CUBE. By default ICS CUBE creates certificate for itself and signs it «Autogenerated GUI…». Since ICS CUBE signs it itself, your web browser will complain that the certificate is unreliable. In order to enter web interface of ICS CUBE you need to add this certificate to your web browser.

“Webmail port” field allows to set the port, where web interface of ICS CUBE mail works. By default it is 81 and you have to append “/rc/” after the port number in URL to access web mail of ICS CUBE. Alternatively just follow the “Web-mail” link in Mail module of ICS CUBE (Menu → Mail → Web-mail). If you change the default webmail port, the web-mail will be accessible via the following URL: <IP address of ICS CUBE>:<new webmail port number>. Also if you change the default webmail port make sure you have set webmail certificate in the “Certificate for webmail” field. If you set webmail port value to 80, than you will need to explicitly set proxy in your browser of use transparent proxy of ICS CUBE, in the latter case enter ICS CUBE own IP address in “Transparent proxy exceptions” field in “Menu → Network → Proxy → Settings”.

“Certificate for webmail” field serves the same purpose as “Certificate for web interface”. Self-signed certificate has the name “Autogenerated MailServer…”. This field may be left empty if the value of “Web interface port” and “Webmail port” are the same.

“Hide link to web mail in authorization window” checkbox allows not to show link to web mail in ICS CUBE login window.

“Hide link to authorization program in authorization window” checkbox allows not to show link for xauth program download in ICS CUBE login window.

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