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Hard drives

“Hard drives” module is located in Menu → Management. It is designed to control hard drives of ICS CUBE. This module holds the list of all hard drives physically attached to ICS CUBE hardware.

The list shows hard drives as a tree with two sections - “Unused hard drives” and “Main system partition (mirror)”. The “Main system partition (mirror)” section contains data about the hard drive, where ICS CUBE software has been installed. When adding another hard drive into this section, ICS CUBE will automatically form software RAID 1. The hard drive being added must have equal or greater volume as compared to the drive, where ICS CUBE is originally installed. The “unused hard drives” section shows hard drives which are not used for ICS CUBE operations but are attached to it.

Apart from existing partitions you can add new ones. Do add a partition click on “Add” button and select the type of the new partition you need: “mirror partition”, “stripe partition”. When placing hard drives into “mirror partition” they will form RAID 1. When placing hard drives into “stripe partition” they will form RAID 0. These partitions can also be deleted and edited using corresponding buttons on the page. To move hard drives between partitions just use drag-and-drop. When moving hard drive into a partition it will be formatted.

ICS CUBE can use attached hard drives. For example you can configure saving email messages in a designated partition (go to Menu → Mail → Settings → Settings tab → field “Hard drive for storing email”) or, for another example use a partition to save backups of ICS CUBE (go to Menu → Service → Backup → Settings tab → field “Hard drive for backup storage”). Yet another example - in the “File storage” module there will appear additional top level folders for each partition called after those partitions in which you can create file resources (Web, FTP, Network locations).

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