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The “Drives” module is located in the “Maintenance” menu. It is intended for hard drive managing in the ICS CUBE. This module displays a list of all hard drives physically connected to the equipment on which ICS CUBE is installed.

The list is presented in the form of a tree in which there are two sections by default – “Unused drives” and “Primary system mirror partition”. In the primary partition you can see the hard drive on which the ICS CUBE was installed. When adding a hard drive to this partition, software RAID 1 will be formed, a mandatory requirement for the added hard drive is its size, it shall be equal to or greater than the primary one. In the “Unused drives” section you can see hard drives that are connected to the ICS CUBE and are not involved in its operation.

Adding new partitions and disks.

In addition to the presented partitions, you can add other partitions to the ICS CUBE. To do this, click “Add” and select the desired type of partition to create – “Mirror partition” or “Stripe partition”. You can add one or more drives to each partition.

When you move the hard drive to the “Mirror partition”, RAID 1 will be created. To add a second drive (or more) to a partition, the added drive shall be the same or larger in size than the first drive added to the partition. The volume of the entire partition will be the volume of the first (i.e. smaller) added drive.

When you move the hard drive to the “Stripe partition”, RAID 0 will be created. When you add a drive to the “Stripe partition”, you will get a warning that you can only remove drives from the partition if you delete the entire partition. There are no restrictions on the size of the added drives.

Important! When you move the hard drive to a partition, the contents of the moved drive are formatted.

Partitions can also be edited using the corresponding button on the page or by double-clicking the left mouse button on the partition name. To move hard drives between partitions, the DnD (drag-and-drop) method is used. The minimum hard drive size is 64 MB.

For each partition in the “File server” -“File storage” module, a folder will appear in the Root folder with the same name as the partition that you just created. These folders can be selected when creating file resources (Web, FTP, Network environment).

ICS CUBE can use the connected hard drives for its operation. For example, it is possible to configure mail storage in the selected partition (Menu – Mail – Settings - “Settings” tab – “Drive for keeping mail” field); or saving of backup copies of the ICS CUBE (Menu – Maintenance – Backups – “Settings” tab – “Drive for store of backups” field).

Deleting partitions and drives.

You can delete a drive from a partition by dragging the drive to “Unused drives” or by clicking the “Delete” button (except for a Stripe-type partition). Partitions can be deleted by clicking the “Delete” button, and if the partition to be deleted is selected in the Mail or Backup settings, the corresponding error will be displayed. The “Unused drives” and “Primary system mirror partition”, as well as the “Primary drive” partitions in the “Primary system mirror partition”, cannot be deleted.

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