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ICS CUBE installation on Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V — hypervisor virtualization hardware system for 64-bit systems. Earlier known name was Windows Server Virtualization.

Once Hypervisor is started → choose “Create” → Virtual Machine. Specify the virtual machine name, click “Next” and specify appropriate RAM size dedicated for our virtual machine.

Next we need to create a virtual network which will connect our virtual machine and specify the virtual disk size to be used.

In the next window the wizard will ask about the installation source. Choose “Install from a bootable disk”, “ISO-image” and specify downloaded ICS CUBE image. Click “Next” and “Finish” in the next window.

Once the VM been created we need to add one more network adapter. Choose “Properties” of our virtual machine and select “Network Adapter” in “Add/Remove Hardware” section. Assign it to virtual network.

Click “Ok” followed by right-mouse-click - “Connect”. Virtual machine will appear in separate window. Click “Start” to start our virtual machine and continue with ICS CUBE installation.

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