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Server activation

The system activation process can be performed through the “About” tab in the “Maintenance” module. You can activate server after buying the license, or you can use ICS CUBE Lite.

New serial number and hash are generating after each system installation!

In the “About” tab press the “Activate” button – there you can see a window with your personal data.

You need to fill all necessary fields for activation. If you specify 8 or less number of users, then you can activate ICS CUBE Lite version by pressing the corresponding button.


Automate activation

After the purchase of the license you can activate system automatically. In this case after filling all registration data fields press the button “Activate ICS”. Your activation request will be corresponded to the sales department. During 12-24 hours your ICS CUBE will be activated and you will receive a notification about successful license activation by mail. After that you can press the “Receive a license” button. about_softwarejpg.jpg

Manual activation

In some cases (for example – if you don’t have an internet connection) the automate activation cannot be performed. In this situation manual activation can be used. In the “About” module the button “Manual activation” is available, and also you can see the serial number of the current installation there. When pressing the “Manual activation” button, you can see the window with two fields: manual_act.jpg manual_act2.jpg The data from the top field and serial number should be sent to your manager, along with the organization name and TIN. You manager will send you license key in return. All content of the license key should be copied in the “License” field. Then press the “Save” button.

Then the activation of the ICS CUBE will be accomplished.

If you purchase additional licenses, then, after your personal manager will notify you about making all necessary changes in the database, you can press “Reacivation” button and the license will be updated.

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