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 +====== ICS Installation ====== ​
 +===== Burning a CD ====
 +=== What to do with the downloaded .iso-image? ===
 +To install ICS you need to download image of installer CD from the official product website. Download page is located at this address: ​ http://​​download. Image size is around 400 MB. After downloading you need to burn this image onto a CD.
 +=== How can .iso-image be burned? ===
 +After downloading the image you need to burn it onto a CD. You can do that with virtually any program for burning compact disks, such as Nero Burning ROM, Alcohol 120%, CDBurnerXP, UltraISO, etc.
 +Warning! Burning .iso-image onto a CD must be done in “burn image” mode. After the file is burned onto the CD, you need to boot from it on the computer where you want to install ICS.
 +You will need a computer with two network cards, hard disk with a capacity of at least 40 GB and CD-ROM drive. To boot from the installer CD you need to "​switch on" the option to boot from CD in BIOS.
 +===== Booting ====
 +=== What happens after booting from the installer CD? ===
 +After booting from the installer CD, you should see the following message:
 +{{:​en:​installation_booting.png|ICS boot screen}}
 +Wait until booting is complete and you should see an option to choose installation language.
 +{{:​en:​installation_language_select.png| Installation language selection}}
 +After that the setup program will run. You will need to accept the license agreement, choose network interface for future ICS configuration and define hard drive for installation.
 +**Note: use TAB for options switching when in installation mode.**
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