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 =====Domains and accounts===== =====Domains and accounts=====
-Before adding user accounts jabber-domain has to be createdOpen “Domains and accounts” tabpress “Add” button → “Jabber domain”. Use arbitrary nonexisting ​name for this domain if your communications are limited to corporate network ​onlyalternatively set usp sending Jabber ​messages on existing domainregistered for your company.+The "​Domains and accounts" module is located in the "​Jabber"​ menu. This module is intended for assigning and working with jabber ​domains and ICS CUBE user accounts 
 +The following will be displayed when you open the "Domains and accounts" module: jabber domains and jabber accounts; users will also be displayed for relevant accounts. This module also has a search bar and functional buttons (add, delete, disable, edit) that are activated when you select an account or domain. 
 +==== Adding jabber domain. ==== 
 +To add a jabber domainclick "Add" - "Jabber domain", then a dialog box will open in which you will be asked to enter the "​Domain ​name" (required parameter). The domain ​name can be any non-existent name if communication over the Jabber protocol is taking place inside the corporate network, ​otherwise you need to configure the forwarding of jabber ​messages on an existing domain registered for the company. 
 +To delete a jabber domain, select it and click "​Delete"​. All accounts located in this domain will be deleted. 
 +==== Adding jabber account. ==== 
 +To add a jabber account, click "​Add"​ - "​Jabber account"​. A dialog box will open in which you will be asked to enter the account name; password; select the user to whom this account will be assigned; select the name of the jabber domain or enter a new domain. Password can be generated automatically by clicking the button in the right side of the field. 
 +**Important:​ when you create jabber domains and accounts, the corresponding domains and accounts appear in the Mail section. Changes to jabber domains and accounts also cause corresponding changes to email domains and mailboxes. When you delete jabber domains and accounts, the corresponding email domains and mailboxes will also be deleted. The opposite is also true.**
-**Important notice:** when you create Jabber domains and accounts they also appear in “Mail” module of ICS CUBE, and vice-versa - domains and accounts, created in “Mail” module also appear in “Jabber server” ​ 
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