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Jabber server settings

The “Settings” module is located in the “Jabber” menu. This module is intended for configuring the jabber server.

Jabber conference settings.

A conference is a place where several jabber users communicate. It has a name that does not repeat within the same server. To enter the conference, find the corresponding menu item in your client program. For example, Join Group in Tkabber or Join Groupchat in Psi. Then enter the name of the room and the server on which it is located, for example, conference.up4k.loc. To create a new room, you just need to log in to a non-existing room on the desired conference server. You can see the list of existing rooms by using Service Discovery in relation to the conference server.

The “Administrator account” parameter defines the user that will always be the administrator in any created room.

SSL certificate.

The “SSL certificate” field is required to create a secure client-server connection. By default, protocol data is transmitted in open format. To avoid this, select the pre-generated SSL certificate for the Jabber server in the field.

Common roster settings.

The “Use common roster” flag enables or disables the common roster. The “Bind users to shared roster accounts” flag enables the display of newly added accounts in the common roster and, accordingly, for other subscribers in the contact list.

Proxy server for file transfer.

ICS CUBE Jabber server supports file transfer through a proxy server (out-of-band). To do this, set the “Use proxy server” flag, specify external IP-address (in the “Host” field) of the ICS CUBE on which the Jabber server runs, which is accessible to both clients who want to transfer the file.

Network settings.

The “Allow s2s connections” flag enables support of s2s connections.

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