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XMPP Server settings

“Settings” tab allows to configure the following parameters:

Jabber conference setting

A conference is an arrangement for dialogue between several Jabber users, Must have name unique within the scope of one server. To enter a conference you need to find appropriate menu in your client program. For example it is “Join Group” in Tkabber or “Join Groupchat” in Psi. Then enter name of the room (conference) and server where this room is located. For example “conference.up4k.loc”. In order to create a new room, usually suffice to enter previously nonexisting room at needed server. A list of all existing rooms can be seen using “Service Discovery” applied to a conference server.

“Administrative account” parameter defines a user, who will be administrator in any created room.

SSL-certificate - needed to create protected client-server connection. By default protocol sends data in open. To change this select previously created SSL-certificate to be used by Jabber server

Shared roster settings

“Use shared roster” - defines whether shared roster is used. “Link users to accounts in shared roster” - if unselected new added accounts will not be added to shared roster and will not appear in contact list of user’s messengers.

File transfer proxy server

File transfer between users may require external proxy server, to use it select the flag “use proxy server” and enter address and port.

Network settings

“Allow s2s connections” - turns on or off s2s connection.

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