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The “Service” module is located in the “Mail” menu. When entering the module, you can see the status of all the services of the mail server and have the opportunity to turn them off (or on, if the service is disabled). There's also a vidget with all the main actions, mail statistics graphic and mail feed, and also the last of log messages.

In the “Log” tab there's a report of all the system messages of the module with time and date. The log is divided into pages, you can use “next” and “previous” to navigate or specify the number of the page you need. The log messages are marked with colour depending on message type. Ordinary messages are write, system status messages (turning on/off, users connections) are green, warnings are yellow, errors are red. In the top right corner of the module there's a search line. Also, there is an opportunity to choose a period of logs display. By default, it shows you events of the current date. If necessary, log messages can be saved to a file via the “Export” button, and deleted via the “Delete logs” button.

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