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 ====== Domains and mailboxes ====== ====== Domains and mailboxes ======
-{{add_domen.jpg}} +The "​Domains and mailboxes"​ module is located in the "​Mail"​ menuThis module is designed for assigning and working with mail domains and mailboxes of the ICS CUBEWhen you open the "Domains and mailboxes" module, the main window displays mail domains, mail domains with redirection,​ mailboxes, links to mailboxes; and the following is displayed for mailboxes: usersquotas, and the current mailbox size. This module also contains a search bar and function buttons (add, delete, disable, edit, clear, resend, upload emails to mailbox, download emails from mailbox).
-  +
-Before you create a user mailbox, you should create a mail domainYou can do it in the tab “Domains and mailboxesby pressing ​the button “Add” - “Mail domain”. If you want to exchange letters only within your local network, you can specify any domain name that you wantotherwise you can set up real mail domain that belongs ​to your organization. If you mark the “Create DKIM-signature” in settingsthen it will be added automatically.+
-With double click on the account that has been already created, it would be open with pre-created DKIM-key, which you can copy if necessary.+{{:​mail_boxes1.png?|}}
-{{add_mailbox.jpg}}+In order for the mail domain to be accessible from an external network and be able to exchange data with other mail servers, DNS-records must be configured.
-Thenmarking ​the chosen domain, you can add users mailboxes inside it. The server will ask you for a mailbox namepassword and the user to which this mailbox will belongYou can add a quota if necessary – maximum amount of space on the ICS CUBE hard drive that this user’s letters can fill. After the quota is exceeded, user would not be able to receive letters anymoreBy default quota is disabled.+Once user mailboxes are createdthey can connect to the ICS CUBE using email clients (for exampleMozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook) or use the web-interface for mailPlease note that when creating mail domains and mailboxes, ​the corresponding domains and accounts appear in the jabber server sectionThe opposite ​is also true.
-{{add_mailbox.jpg}}+==== Adding mail domain====
-You don’t need to create a mailbox for each mail name that you will need to use. You can also create a shortcut to this mailbox. Then, for example, all letters that are sent to the preved@up4k.loc mailbox, would be redirected to the real medved@up4k.loc mailbox.+{{:​mail_boxes2.png?|}}
-{{domen_and_mailbox.jpg}}+To add a mail domain, click "Add " - "Mail domain"​. A dialog box will open where you will be asked to enter "​Domain name" (required parameter) and "Joint email" (optional parameter). The domain name can be any non-existent name if the email exchange will take place within the corporate network, or a valid domain name. You can specify a joint email only after it is created (see below). Emails will be sent to this mailbox if the mailbox non-existing in the domain is specified in the email.
-**Important:​ when creating mail domains and mailboxes ​the corresponding domains and account ​will appear ​in the “jabber-server” service. It works the other way around as well.** +If the "Add DKIM-signature"​ flag is set in the Mail settings, it will be added automatically to the domain. If you need to copy the DKIM-signature,​ select the domain and click "​Edit"​ or open the edit form in the main window by double-clicking on the domain ​name.
-  +
-===== Mail domain ​with redirection (mail relay) =====+
-ICS CUBE mail server can act as a mail gateway (relay)which will resent through itself all messages, destined to some domains, to another (interior) mail server. Basically, it’s a mail server which connects two logically divided networks.+To delete ​a mail domainselect it and click "​Delete"​. All mailboxes and links to mailboxes located in this domain ​will be deleted.
-ICS CUBE mail gateway, when acting as a mail relay, also checks all messages that go through it, for spam and viruses.+==== Adding mailbox====
-If you want to add a domain, for which the final receiver will be another mail server, on ICS CUBE, you should add “Domain with redirection” in the “Domains and mailboxes” tab.+{{:​mail_boxes3.png?|}}
-For exampleif you need to redirect mail for domain@test.local to the mail server, you need to set up domain with redirection like on the screenshot below:+To add a mailboxclick "​Add"​ - "​Mailbox"​. A dialog box will open where you will be asked to enter: mailbox name; password; select the user to whom this mailbox will be assigned; select the domain name to which this mailbox will be assigned, or enter a new domain. Password can be generated automatically by clicking on the button in the right side of the field. If necessary, in this dialog box, you can set the "​Quota"​ flag and specify the quota - the maximum reserved space on the ICS CUBE hard drive for storing messages for this mailbox. If this quota is exceeded, emails will not be accepted. There is no quota by default. 
 +Mailboxes can also be viewed in the "Mail and telephony"​ tab in the module for each user: 
 +==== Adding mailbox shortcut. ==== 
 +To add a mailbox shortcut, click "​Add"​ - "​Mailbox shortcut"​. A dialog box will open where you will be asked to enter: mailbox name, domain ​name for this mailbox, and select an existing mailbox to which all incoming messages will be redirected. 
 +==== Adding mail domain with forwarding. ==== 
 +The ICS CUBE mail server can act as a mail gateway (relay) for connecting logically separated networks. The mail gateway ICS CUBE, working as a mail relay, also checks messages passing through it for viruses and spam (subject ​to the appropriate settings). To do this, use the "Mail domain with forwarding"​. 
 +To add a mail domain with redirection,​ click "​Add"​ - "Mail domain with forwarding"​A dialog box will open where you will be asked to enter the domain name on the ICS CUBE and the host name where incoming emails will be redirected. 
 +==== Message hand cleaning==== 
 +If you need to delete all or part of the emails from one mailboxselect the mailbox and click "​Clear"​. A dialog box will open where you will be asked to select "All messages"​ to delete, or select "​Messages by period"​ and specify the period. 
 +==== Message hand resending. ==== 
 +If you need to forward all or part of emails from one mailbox to another, select the mailbox that you want to forward emails from and click "​Resend"​. A dialog box will open where you will be asked to select "All messages"​ for forwarding, or select "​Messages by period"​ and specify the period. You will also need to select an existing mailbox ​on the ICS CUBE where the emails will be forwarded. 
 +To download all the contents of the mailbox in Roundcube format, select the mailbox and click "​Download emails from mailbox"​. When uploading, you need to select a mailbox, click "​Upload emails to mailbox"​ and select the pre-created Roundcube archive.  
 +**Important:​ when uploading to the archive mailbox, all emails contained in this mailbox will be deleted.**
-Important: when receiving mail for a addressee that doesn’t exist in the internal mail server, the mail gateway will be responsible for notifying the sender when the letter can’t be delivered. So, the mail queue is flooded with messages when the addressee is unavailable.** 
-For mail domain to be available from the global network and could exchange messages with other servers in global network, you need to setup DNS-records.** 
-After creating user mailboxes, users can connect to ICS CUBE mail server using mail clients (like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook), or use mail web-interface. ​ 
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