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Filters are used to set up automatic rules for incoming and outgoing mail. Using filters, you can move, delete, copy mail and change the recipients. In this module you can set up filters for mail and mailing.

Mail filter.

To create a new mail filter, you need to press “Add” - “Mail filter” in the main window. New dialog window will be opened, and it will be suggested to you to: enter filter name; choose, to which mail apply this filter; filter trigger condition; the action that will be applied if the condition is fullfilled. Mail filter can be applied to: “Mail that mathes all conditions” - it means, that the filter will be applied only if all the requirement from the “Conditions” block will match; “Mail that matches any condition” - it means that filter will be applied if any of the requirements from the “Conditions” block will match; “to all mail” - it means that the mail filter will be applied everything from the “Actions” block to all mail.

The “Conditions” block allows to set any amount of conditions. When creating a contidion, you need to fill three fields: condition id (“Theme”, “Sender”, “Receiver”, “Size (kb)”), the way to check (“contains”, “doesn't contain”, “equal to”, “is not equal to”, “starts with”, “ends with”), the value of id.

The “Actions” block allows to set any amount of actions that will be applied to mail if the “Conditions” will match. When creating an action, you need to fill two fields: the action itself (“Move to”, “Send a copy to”, “Delete”, “Change sender domain to”, “Change receiver domain to”), values for the chosen action, that you can choose from the drop-down list or enter manually (except for the “Delete” action). You can see examples of mail filter settings here.


To create a mailing, you need to press “Add” - “Mailing” in the main window. The new dialog window will be opened, where you will be able to set: the name of the mailing; the receiver address (mailbox where the original letter will be send, please note, that this mailbox mustn't exist in ICS CUBE, because it's a link); set the mailboxes where the original letter will be sent in the field “Send to”; if necessary, mark the checkbox “Allow only from the mailing domain (so the mailing will be runned only if the sender of the original letter has the same domain as the link from the “Receiver address”).

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