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 =====Filters===== =====Filters=====
-Filters ​are used to set up automatic rules for incoming and outgoing ​mailUsing filters, you can move, delete, copy mail and change the recipients. ​In this module you can set up filters ​for mail and mailing+The "Filters" module is located in the "​Mail"​ menu. This module is designed ​to configure ​automatic rules for incoming and outgoing ​emailsYou can use filters to delete, copyand replace ​recipients ​in an emailWhen you open the filters ​moduleyou will see the filters ​created in the ICS CUBE, as well as the search bar and function buttons (add, delete, disable, edit) that are activated when you select an object.
-====Mail filter.====+{{:​mail_filters1.png?|}}
-To create a new mail filter, you need to press "​Add"​ - "Mail filter"​ in the main window. New dialog window will be opened, and it will be suggested ​to you to: enter filter name; chooseto which mail apply this filter; filter trigger condition; ​the action that will be applied if the condition is fullfilledMail filter can be applied to: "Mail that mathes all conditions"​ - it meansthat the filter ​will be applied only if all the requirement from the "Conditions" ​block will match; "Mail that matches any condition"​ - it means that filter ​will be applied if any of the requirements from the "​Conditions"​ block will match; "to all mail" - it means that the mail filter ​will be applied everything from the "​Actions"​ block to all mail.+**Important! If the conditions of two filters apply to an emailthen the actions specified in both filters ​will be performedIn this casenot more than one copy of the email will be sent to one mailbox, and the "Delete" ​action ​will be performed at the end and the original email will be deleted.**
-The "​Conditions"​ block allows to set any amount of conditions. When creating a contidion, you need to fill three fields: condition id ("​Theme",​ "​Sender",​ "​Receiver",​ "Size (kb)"​),​ the way to check ("​contains",​ "​doesn'​t contain",​ "equal to", "is not equal to", "​starts with", "ends with"​),​ the value of id.+==== Mail filter====
-The "​Actions"​ block allows to set any amount of actions that will be applied to mail if the "​Conditions"​ will match. When creating an action, you need to fill two fieldsthe action itself ("Move to", "Send a copy to", "​Delete",​ "​Change sender domain to", "​Change receiver domain to"), values for the chosen action, that you can choose from the drop-down list or enter manually (except for the "​Delete"​ action). You can see examples of mail filter settings here.+{{:mail_filters2.png?|}}
-====Mailing.====+To create a mail filter, click "​Add"​ - "Mail filter"​ in the main window. A new dialog box will open, where you will be asked to enter the name of the filter; which emails to apply this filter to; the filter trigger condition; and the action applicable to the mail message when the condition is triggered.
-To create a mailing, you need to press "​Add"​ - "​Mailing"​ in the main window. ​The new dialog ​window ​will be opened, where you will be able to set: the name of the mailing; the receiver ​address (mailbox ​where the original ​letter ​will be sendplease note, that this mailbox mustn'​t exist in ICS CUBE, because ​it'​s ​a link); ​set the mailboxes ​where the original ​letter will be sent in the field "Send to"; if necessary, ​mark the checkbox ​"Allow only from the mailing ​domain (so the mailing will be runned ​only if the sender of the original ​letter ​has the same domain as the link from the "Receiver ​address"​).+Mail filter can be applied: 
 +  * to messages, matching all the conditions - the mail filter will work if all the parameters from the "​Conditions"​ block are met; 
 +  * to messages, matching any of the conditions - the mail filter will work if at least one of the parameters from the "​Conditions"​ block is satisfied;​ 
 +  * to all messages - the mail filter will apply the actions specified in the "​Actions"​ block to all emails. 
 +The "​Conditions"​ section allows you to set any number of conditions. ​To create a condition, click the "​Add"​ button and select the condition ID from the drop-down list ("​Subject",​ "​Sender",​ "​Recipient",​ "​Size(KB)"​). A new window will open where you will be asked to choose how to check whether the condition matches ("​subject contains",​ "​subject does not contain",​ "​subject coincides with", "​subject does not coincides with", "​begins with", "ends with") and the Value. 
 +The "​Actions"​ block allows you to set any number of actions to be applied to the message when the "​Conditions"​ block is triggered. To create an action, you need to click the "​Add" ​button and select the action itself in the drop-down list ("Move to", "Send copy to", "​Delete",​ "​Change sender domain to", "​Change recipient domain to"), a new window will open in which you will be prompted to enter a value for the selected action, which can be selected from the drop-down list or entered manually (the exception is the "​Delete"​ action). 
 +==== Mailing ​list. ==== 
 +The "​Mailing list" object is used to manage a filter that sends copies of emails to the specified list of addresses, provided that the destination address matches. 
 +To create a mailing list, click "Add" in the main window ​- "​Mailing list"new dialog ​box will open, where you will be asked to specify ​the name of the mailing ​listspecify ​the destination ​address (the mailbox ​to which the original ​email will be sentbut it should not be opened ​in the ICS CUBE, since it is a link); ​specify ​the mailboxes ​to send the original ​email to in the address tableand, if necessary, ​set the "Allow only from mailer ​domain" flag (i.e., the mailing will only occur if the sender of the original ​email has the same domain as the link specified in the "Destination ​address" ​field)
 +To import a list of mailing addresses to a mailing list, use a file where each new address starts with a new line.
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