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The “Web mail” module provides access to the mailboxes of the ICS CUBE mail server using the Roundcube web application.

You can go to the web-interface of the mail client using the link from authorization window if the “Hide link to webmail” flag is not set in Interface settings; or by typing in the following expression in the browser address bar: ICS_address:web_mail_port/rc. Roundcube web interface is available only via HTTPS.

The “Web-mail” module is located in the “Mail” menu. When the module is opened, the “Web-mail”, “Settings” and “Log” tabs will be displayed in the main window, and the “Web-mail” tab will be active.


The “Web mail” tab. This tab displays the status of the “Web-mail” service with the possibility to “Disable” (or “Enable” if the service is disabled) and the latest log messages.


The “Settings” tab. It allows you to specify various settings for the Roundcube web-interface.


The “Saving the recipient to the address book” flag is set to save the addressee in the ICS CUBE address book.

The “Message highlight” flag adds the same section in the Roundcube web interface. This section is located in the Roundcube settings.

Answer options.

It allows you to set one of three options when forming a response to an email:

  • Do not quote the original message
  • Post a new message before quoted
  • Post a new message after quoted

Additional plugins can be activated by setting the following flags:

  • “Use ICS address book”: it allows you to select an addressee from the existing ICS address book;
  • “Allow to change sender address”: it allows changing the sender's address to a custom one when sending a message;
  • “Use subscribe”: it allows you to add the signature automatically to the message you are creating. It only works for Roundcube. Please note that the signature is automatically generated only for accounts created after setting up the signature. Changes made to an existing signature will only be applied to newly created mailboxes after the changes are made. You can use variables in the signature in the form - [variable name]. Possible values of variables: cn (user name), ou (group where the user is located), mail (mail address), description (user's “description” field), notes (user's “comment” field), telephonenumber (user's “phone” field), title (user's “job title” field), url (user's “website” field), postaladdress (user's “address” field), pager (user's “icq” field), ounotes (user's group “description” field). Values of variables are taken from the user's description. To insert images, use image encoding in data:url. This is done as follows: by using the service (or similar) the image is converted to the <img src=“data:image/png;… ” …> format, and then the resulting text is inserted into the html code of the signature.

It allows you to upload and change the logo, favicon, and background in Roundcube. It is also possible to restore the default settings.


The “Log” tab displays a summary of all system messages of the corresponding servers with the date and time. The log is divided into pages, using the “forward” and “back” buttons it is possible to go from page to page, or enter the number of the desired page.

Log entries are highlighted in color depending on the type of message. Normal system messages are marked in white, system status messages (on / off, user connection) are green, warnings are yellow, errors are red.

In the upper right corner of the log is a search bar. And the ability to select the period for displaying the event log. By default, the log displays events for the current date. If necessary, you can save the log data to a file by clicking the “Export” button or delete the log data for a certain period by clicking the “Delete logs” button.

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