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-=====Statistics and queue=====+=====Statistics and mail queue.=====
-The "statistics ​and queue" module is meant to form statistics data for ICS CUBE mail server, ​and also to manage ​mail queue. ​In this module ​there are tabs "​Statistics"​ and "Mail queue". At the "​Statistics"​ tab two blocks are located: the "​Parameters"​ block and a block showing the statistic results from the "Parameters" ​blockIn the first block you can enter the following parameters to show statistics:+The "Statistics ​and queue" module is located in the "​Mail"​ menu and is intended ​for generating statistical data on the ICS CUBE mail server, ​as well as for managing the mail queue. ​When you open the module, the "​Statistics"​ and "Mail queue" ​tabs will be displayed in the main window, ​and the "Statistics" ​tab will be active.
-  * grouping - allows to set a condition for grouping and showing statistics for the mail server (if it is formed) in the second block. Acceptable valuestime (month, day, hour); domains (sender'​s domains, receiver'​s domains); mailboxes (sender'​s mailboxes, receiver'​s mailboxes); mail details (will be shown all the letters that matches the specified parameters). +{{:mail_stat1.png?|}}
-  * date from... to... - allows to set time frames for displaying statistics for mailserver in days. +
-  * time from... to... - allows to set time frames for displaying statistics for mailserver in hours (hh:mm format). +
-  * sender - non-mandatory field, allows to enter full or partial mailbox address. +
-  * receiver - non-mandatory field, allows to enter full or partial mailbox address.+
-{{:​статистика_и_очередь_en_1.png?900|}}+==== Statistics====
-To display ICS CUBE mailserver statistics that matches entered parameters, you need to press the "Show" ​buttonThe output will be shown in the second ​block as a table. The columns differ depending on the chosen filter.+**The "Statistics" ​tab.** There are two blocks on the tab: the "​Parameters"​ block and the block for displaying statistical results (corresponding to the specified parameter ​in the first block). The following parameters can be specified for displaying mail server statistics:
-{{:статистика_и_очередь_en_2.png?900|}}+{{:mail_stat2.png? |}}
-In the "Mail queue" tab you can see mail messages that are waiting to be send. Pleasenote that these messages ​can be both new in queue or returned ​to queue (for example, ​if they have been declined ​by grey list of a next mailserver). If you choose ​any object ​from the list, you can see error code (in case when message was returned ​to queue)due to which it wasn'​t ​delivered, and you can also try to send it manually ​or delete from the queue. You can manage mail queue with "Clear queue" and "Send all" buttons.+The "Mail detail"​ flag is used to view all messages for the period. When this flag is set, the "​Grouping"​ field becomes inactive. 
 +The "​Grouping"​ field is used for generating a report by time (by month, day, or hour), domain (by sender'​s/​recipient'​s domain), or mailbox (by sender'​s/​recipient'​s mailbox). You can select only one value for record grouping. 
 +The "​Sender"​ field allows you to set part or full value of the sender'​s email address. 
 +The "​Recipient"​ field allows you to set part or full value of the recipient'​s email address. 
 +The "Time from ... to" fields are used to specify the time interval for record filtering. 
 +To display statistical data for the ICS CUBE mail server corresponding to the entered parameters, click the "​Show"​ button. The output will be presented as a table in the second block. The table columns vary depending on the filter used. 
 +==== Mail queue. ==== 
 +**The "Mail queue" tab.** The tab shows emails ​waiting to be sent. Please note that emails ​can be either ​new to the mail queue, or not (for example, ​rejected ​by the grey list of the higher-level mail server). When you select ​any item from the list, you can see the error code (if the email message was sent to the queue again) due to which it was not delivered, and you can also try to send it individually ​or delete ​it from the queue. You can manage ​the mail queue using the "​Clear ​mail queue" and "Send all" buttons.
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