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Network utilities.

ICS CUBE contains several network utilities that help to diagnose network issues.


Ping is an utility to check the network connection based on TCP/IP. It sends ICMP-requests to a specified node and listens for the answer. The time between request and reply allows to understand the delay time on the route and the average package lost, therefore to determine the stability and quality of the connection, and also to indirectly determine channel load and on the devices on the way.

Also the word ping is used to determine the time that takes for a packet to be transmitted through network from one host to another. Such time is also called “lag” or “delay” and is measured in milliseconds. It depends on the business and amount of the nodes between hosts.

To start the utility, you need to enter the domain name or IP-address and set the number of packages.


Trace (traceroute) is an utility to check the route of the request to the specific host. It sends a package to the host and shows the information of all the routers on the way.

This utility allows to check routing issues, and also if a package is being dropped - to determine, on which steps exists the malfunction.

It must be noted that this utility works only from the package source and is quite a rough instrument for network troubleshooting. Internet routing protocols works such way that requests and replies can be sent via different routes, and this can happen for any of the nodes on the way. So the ICMP-reply from every router in between can have its own route, get lost or have a delay, whereas it wouldn’t happen with the packages that goes to the destination point. Also, routers in between can have ICMP limits, which causes false package dropping.

Poll DNS.

Poll DNS allows to send different requests to DNS-servers to check their configurations mistakes.

To use the utility, you need to enter domain name and choose the record type, also you can set a specific DNS for checking. You can find more information in the DNS module documentation.

Domain information.

Domain information (whois) allows to obtain information about domain owner or IP-addresses range, and also additional information (registration date, contacts, domain type, registrator etc) from the WHOIS database.


Dump shows the headers of the packages that go through chosen network interface. It helps with analysis of firewall issues, routing issues, and network services issues.

To launch the utility, you need to choose a network interface that will be used for collecting data. To filter messages, it is possible to select a protocol, specify a port, and also select the direction of network traffic for the indicated IP address, “Host” or “Source / Destination”.

Network interfaces.

The “Network interfaces” utility allow to check status of every network interface on ICS CUBE. It shows the output of the “ifconfig” command, allowing to check which IP-addresses are set for each of the interfaces, which virtual interfaces has been created and also to check the link on the interfaces.

Route table.

This utility allows to view the current route table of ICS CUBE. You can use it to see all the routes, created in the system.

Speed test.

This utility allows to check the bandwidth of the channel. To use it, you need to choose a server and run the test.

Attention! Some servers can be unavailable. Also not all the server can show the real speed of your channel due to location, amount of routers in between and their load.

Port scan.

You can use network scanning to test the security in the local network. It allows to check the availability of local workstations, and check the open ports in the network. Also, if you set ICS CUBE itself as a host to analyze, you can also check the system for open ports as well.

There are three modes for scanning:

Addresses availabilityICS CUBE checks whether chosen workstations are online. You can set one host here, or a subnet. In this case, ICS CUBE will be checking all the addresses one by one.
Port scanningICS CUBE checks which ports are opened on the specified host or on all the hosts of the specified subnet
Version informationICS CUBE checks versions of every service on every port of the chosen host, or on every host of the specified subnet
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