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OpenVPN connection setting.

To connect users via OpenVPN protocol, the following is required:

  • Create root and final certificates in the Certificates module. When creating the final certificate, on the “Key Usage” tab, in the “Template” field, select “VPN server”.

  • Add OpenVPN network in the Providers and Networks module. In order for users to be able to connect to ICS CUBE local network resources, it is necessary to check the box “Send default route to the client” and select the networks to be routed from the list.

  • As certificates specify the pre-generated certificates from point 1.

  • Go to the VPN module - Users tab and select the checkboxes for users who will be allowed to connect using the OpenVPN protocol, and it will be offered to choose which of the created networks (if there are several), the user will connect to. Important: you must click the “Save” button for the changes to take effect.

  • Go to the User personal module - OpenVPN tab. If it is necessary to configure routing from the local ICS CUBE network to other resources in the user's local network, then it is necessary to specify the network in which this user is located.

  • In the Providers and Networks module, you need to upload client certificates to connect users.

  • To connect a user, you need to install the OpenVPN utility on his computer (, then unzip the contents of the folder with the user name from the archive of the downloaded certificates into the <installation path> \ config folder, run the utility and connect .
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