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 +=====Phone book=====
 +The module "​Phonebook"​ is located in the  "​Telephony"​ menu. This module displays all phone numbers set up on the ICS CUBE. The main window of the module displays the phone book in the form of a tree, the “Add”, as well as “Delete”,​ “Edit”, “Import” buttons, export icon and a search string. Every item in the "​Telephone numbers"​ tree contains groups of numbers and telephone numbers created in the same module. These groups and numbers can not be edited or deleted in this module.
 +If you click the “Add” button, you will be offered to add: “Phonebook number” or “Organization”. If you select “Phonebook number”, a new dialog window will open in which you should enter the phone number of the subscriber who is not part of the ICS CUBE (external number of the subscriber),​ and also you should enter a description. When a subscriber receives or makes a call to such a subscriber, a special symbol (telephone),​ a telephone number and a given description will appear in the call log. To combine external subscribers into a group, you should press buttons "​Add"​ - "​Organization",​ and a new dialog window will open in which you need to specify the name of the group being created. It is worth noting that previously created phone numbers of subscribers cannot be transferred to a group.
 +if you select ​ “Export” phonebook, the PhoneBook.txt file will be created, having the following format: “phone number, description” and each new subscriber in a separate line. Only phone numbers added through the phone book are exported. Internal ICS CUBE numbers added via the "​Telephone numbers"​ module are not exported. When importing phone numbers from a file, the format of the data in the file must match the format of the export file.
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