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Power management

The module is located in the “Maintenance” menu and has three tabs: “Power management”, “Settings” and “Schedule”. This module is intended for configuring and controlling power supply sources.

Power management.

This tab contains two sections: “Power management” and “UPS controller”. The first one displays the ICS CUBE operating time when it is connected to the power supply, as well as the “Shutdown ICS” and “Reboot ICS” buttons. If you click any of them, the corresponding action will be taken. The second block displays information about the connected UPS and the “Enable/Disable” button, which can be used to turn on/off the controller interacting with the UPS.


This tab allows you to configure settings for the controller to interact with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The ICS CUBE controller can work with UPS supplied by IPPON and APC via COM port or USB port. You can set the operating time threshold (in seconds) when the system is connected to the UPS or the residual battery charge threshold (as a percentage). When one of the parameters is reached, ICS CUBE will go into shutdown mode and turn off.

Please note that in order for the ICS CUBE to automatically turn on when power is restored, you need to configure BIOS of the motherboard. (“After power failure”: “Last State” option or similar).


The tab allows you to set the date and time of the next scheduled reboot of the ICS CUBE or turn it off. You can also specify the days of the week when the ICS CUBE will be restarted or disabled with the time of the event.

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