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Power management

Power management module is located in “Menu” → “Management” and consists of three tabs: “Power management”, “Settings” and “Schedule”.

This tab has two sections: “Power management” and “UPS controller”. The first section shows ICS CUBE running on mains power uptime and has “Shutdown” and “Reboot” buttons responsible for respective actions. The second section displays information about Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) connected to ICS CUBE and has “Turn off/Turn on” button, which is responsible for the status of controller interacting with UPS.


“Settings” tab allows to set up controller interacting with UPS. ICS CUBE controller can work with IPPON and APC brands of UPS being connected to them via serial or USB port. Configurable parameters include amount of time (in seconds) before shutdown when on reserved power or remaining battery charge level at which ICS CUBE shuts down.

Notice: For ICS CUBE to correctly start up once mains power is restored motherboard BIOS should be properly configured, description of this process should be found in motherboard documentation and usually you need to use one of the options: «After power failure» or «Last State» or an analogue.


“Schedule” tab allows to define time and date of the next planned ICS CUBE reboot or shutdown. You can also specify days of the week and time when ICS CUBE is going to perform reboot or shutdown.

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