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After choosing “Add”, you will see the quota settings window. In this window there are the following fields:

  • Destination address,
  • Protocol,
  • Port,
  • Quota per day,
  • Quota per week,
  • Quota per month,
  • Action choice,
  • “Create an allow rule for the CONNECT method” checkbox;


You can check what values are acceptible when you place the cursor on the field, or you can choose a value from the drop-down list containing the objects that are already known to ICS CUBE. The quota rule is using for limit the amount of traffic the user of group use. When you create a quota, it is required to set the amount of data, downloaded per day/week/month, also you can specify the resource, protocol and port, the quota will be implemented to. If the amount is set to 0, quota for this period will be inactive.

When user or group exceeds quota, the action from the rule will be performed. Either the access for the user/group will be denied (except for the resources that are specified in the “allow always” allow rule), or the speed limitation will come info effect (as in the speed limitation rule).

The “Create an allow rule for the CONNECT method” checkbox means that packages with CONNECT method will be allowed, for identify destination USL when the HTTPS-filtration with certificate substitution is in act. It's also necessary to show user the “Quota exceeded” message when he opens a https-page.

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