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Recovery console

Recovery console is an ICS CUBE service interface that works in text mode. There are two ways to use the console tools:

  • connect the monitor and keyboard to the ICS CUBE
  • use any ssh-client (for example Putty) and connect to the ICS CUBE port 22 (in this case, under the Firewall → Settings section, SSH access should be allowed from the host from which the connection is made), enter the login: recshell, password: recovery (by default).

You will be prompted to enter a password. The default password is recovery, you can change it in the console settings.

Network setup

The “Network setup” console section contains the following menu items:

  • Routing. You can view the current routing table, delete one of the routes or add a new one.
  • Network interfaces. Checking and adjusting the ICS CUBE network interfaces. You can display information on the status of each of the interfaces, check whether the network cable is connected (at the connected status: active interface), the IP-addresses are assigned correctly, if necessary, delete the IP-address from the interface and also assign a new one.
  • Firewall. If the ICS CUBE blocks access to the web interface for some reason, you can temporarily disable the firewall until the reason for blocking is eliminated. Remember that along with it, the NAT service is also disabled, that is, access to the external network from ICS CUBE users will be lost.
  • Technical support. Allows you to start technical support in case of malfunctions.
  • Utilities (Ping and Trace). Allows you to check the availability of a local or remote host.

Important: this section of the recovery console is an auxiliary tool for diagnosing ICS CUBE malfunctions. All changes made in it will be reset by any change in the ICS CUBE web interface or after a reboot.

Server management

The console section “Server Management” contains the following menu items:

  • Passwords. Change the password for the administrator account and for entering the recovery console. Attention! Be careful when changing the default recovery console password. If you forget it, it will be impossible to restore it without the remote intervention of technical support!
  • RAID. Adding disks to a mirrored array.
  • File system snapshots. Allows you to create a snapshot of the current state of the file system and roll back to it if necessary.
  • Restore backup. Opens a list of previously created backups and allows you to restore one of them.
  • Update all settings. Update ICS CUBE configuration.
  • System cleaning. Allows you to clean the disk from system logs, statistics, updates and backups.
  • Reboot.
  • Shutdown.

About the program

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