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 +====== Remote managment ======
 +The “remote control” module helps to manage several ICSes from one ICS server. ​
 +Server, from which you organize centralized control is named “Head node”, server, that is managed remotely, is named “Child node”.
 +Let’s go through the settings with an example. ​
 +For organize this kind of schema you need to set up ICS with address to be the head node. You can set it up in Network – Remote management – Use as… - Head node - Save. 
 +Servers with the addresses and should be set up in child node mode: Network – Remote management – Use as… - Child node – in the “Head node IP” enter “” - Save. 
 +During the connection to the head node it will ask for login/​password of any user with administrator rights from the head ICS. By default administrator has “root” as a login and “00000” as a password. When ICS is marked as a child node, it is assigned with an unique id of node-XXXXXXXX form, where XXXXXXXX is a random combination. ​
 +On the head node you can see what child nodes are connected: Network – Remote management - Nodes. ​
 +If you want to open web-interface of a child node, click on its id in the “Nodes” tab on the Head node. 
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