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 {{:​roles1.png?​|}} {{:​roles1.png?​|}}
-This module is defining how much abilities do users have to manage ICS CUBE. By default, these roles of users are available: ​ 
 |name|abilities| |name|abilities|
 |Administrator|The user has full access to all functions of ICS CUBE web-interface| |Administrator|The user has full access to all functions of ICS CUBE web-interface|
-|User|The user has access only to his own personal page and able to change own password and view statistics.| +|User|The user has access only to his own personal page and is able to change ​his own password and view his own statistics.| 
-|Group administrator|The user has access ​to create, delete and edit users of his group, to apply rules, quotes to its users and to theirs statistics.|+|Group administrator|The user has rights ​to create, delete and edit users inside the group he or she is administering, to apply rules, quotes to these users and to view theirs statistics.|
 {{:​roles2.png?​|}} {{:​roles2.png?​|}}
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 {{:​roles3.png?​|}} {{:​roles3.png?​|}}
-After creation of the role in the “Rulesets” module ​a rule set will be created, fixed strictly to this roles, as it is for rules sets for “Users” and “Administrators” and “Group administrators”. ​+In order to create custom role in ICS CUBE you need to press "​Add"​ button. New window will be opened containing the following fields: name of the new role, description,​ pictogram selection, privilege selection. 
 +After creation of new role new empty ruleset will appear ​in the “Rulesets” module. This ruleset ​will be associated with the new role, as it happens ​for rulesets ​for “Users” and “Administrators” and “Group administrators”. ​
 All roles except the “User” and “Administrator” can be deleted. ​ All roles except the “User” and “Administrator” can be deleted. ​
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