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Shared roster is a way to configure the XMPP server when a change in the client roster is initiated by the server. When connecting to the server, the client receives a set of groups and the contact details contained in them. In addition to receiving the contact details, the client automatically subscribes to all contacts, and contacts automatically subscribe to the client. This way any contact from the roster can see the status of any other contact.

The “Roster” module is located in the “Jabber” menu. In this module, you can manage the contact list of all jabber domains created on the ICS CUBE as they will be displayed in the contact list of a user that has connected to the ICS CUBE using their jabber account.

Accounts can be grouped into contact groups created using the “Add” button. A dialog box will open where you will be asked to enter the group name (required field). ICS CUBE has a drag-and-drop function, so contacts can be easily moved to the created group.

This module also has a search bar and function buttons (add, delete, edit) that are activated when a group is selected.

Please note that when you delete a contact group, accounts that belong to this group are automatically moved to the “Other people” group and are not displayed in the contact list.

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