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 =====Roster===== =====Roster=====
-Shared roster is configuration setting when XMPP server ​initiates modification of client’s roster. ​Having connected ​to server ​client receives a list of groups and contacts within groupsApart from contact ​information ​the client automatically ​receives subscription from all contacts and subscribes ​to them as wellThus every user on the roster ​is aware of status of any other contact.+**Shared roster** is a way to configure the XMPP server ​when a change in the client roster ​is initiated by the serverWhen connecting ​to the server, the client receives a set of groups and the contact details contained in themIn addition to receiving the contact ​details, ​the client automatically ​subscribes to all contactsand contacts automatically subscribe ​to the clientThis way any contact from the roster ​can see the status of any other contact.
-In “Roster” tab you can see list of all contacts in all jabber-domains ​set up on your ICS CUBE. The view is identical to the way they are displayed in contact list of a user connected to the ICS CUBE via his jabber account.+The "Roster" module is located in the "​Jabber"​ menu. In this module, ​you can manage the contact ​list of all jabber domains ​created ​on the ICS CUBE as they will be displayed in the contact list of a user that has connected to the ICS CUBE using their jabber account
 +Accounts can be grouped into contact groups created using the "​Add"​ button. A dialog box will open where you will be asked to enter the group name (required field). ICS CUBE has a drag-and-drop function, so contacts can be easily moved to the created group. 
 +This module also has a search bar and function buttons (add, delete, edit) that are activated when a group is selected.  
 +Please note that when you delete a contact group, accounts that belong to this group are automatically moved to the "Other people"​ group and are not displayed in the contact list.
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