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Routes in firewall are created just like the users routes, but they have additional options: source, source port, interface and the “Use NAT” checkbox.

Routes, which are added via firewall rules and routes, added via the ‘Routes” module, are the same list of ICS CUBE routes.

After choosing “Add”, you will see the route settings window. In this window there are the following fields:

  • Direction,
  • Destination address,
  • Protocol,
  • Port,
  • Time,
  • To whom sent the traffic;


You can check what values are acceptible when you place the cursor on the field, or you can choose a value from the drop-down list containing the objects that are already known to ICS CUBE. The “Route” rule is using for routing traffic not only between the parts of the networks, but also to different ISPs. When setting the rule “through the gateway” the IP-address of the gateway device must be set. Most often this rule is used when ICS CUBE is based on a server with one network interface.

When the checkbox “Do not process with firewall” is marked, to this rule to all the traffic that goes through ICS CUBE, the firewall rules will not be applied. It should be noted, that if this checkbox isn't marked and TCP traffic goes through ICS CUBE, firewall will drop the connection after 30 seconds downtime.

When the rule “Through interface” is set, the route rule through one of the ICS CUBE network interfaces will be created.

When the rule “Through ISP” is set, the route rule through one of the ICS CUBE ISPs will be created.

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