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The “Rulesets” module is located in the “Users and statistics” menu. This module is used for creation of rulesets - global objects, that can contain any number of user rules under one name and can be applied to several users or groups of users without additional setup. By user rules we mean any of the following: blocking rule, application firewall blocking rule, permitting rule, skipping rule, blocking proxy rule, permitting proxy rule, skipping proxy rule, number of connections limit, speed limit, bandwidth allocation, route, quota, DLP control, content filtering rule.

By default, in “Rulesets” module the empty rulesets are created for every role that exists in ICS CUBE, and also four predefined rulesets exist:

  1. ruleset for school SkyDNS;
  2. ruleset for school with Kaspersky Webfilter;
  3. ruleset for school SkyDNS (search);
  4. ruleset for school.

It should be noted, that you cannot delete ruleset of a role, but if you delete the role (except the “User” and “Administrator” roles), its ruleset will be deleted automatically. When you add a new role, an empty ruleset is automatically created for it.

To create a ruleset you need to press “Add” button, type a name of ruleset and its description, also you can specify a duration for this ruleset (for example, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm).

By this way a common name for subsequent user-defined rules will created. To add a certain user-defined rule you need to highlight a name of a ruleset and press “Add” button or press on the name of ruleset and press “Add” button in opening list. Tabs “Users” and “Events” are available in this module.

There are two ways of applying rules to user:

1. “Users” module - select corresponding user by double clicking - in the opening module go to “Rules and restrictions” tab - press “Add” - select “Ruleset” in the drop-down list - select needed ruleset from the list.

2. “Ruleset” module - click on one of the ruleset. If chosen ruleset is not an automatic one, you will see “Users” tab in the opening module. Go to “Users’ tab and check the boxes in front of users or group of users to which this ruleset will apply.

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