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The “Rulesets” module is located in the “Users and statistics” menu. This module is used for creation of rulesets - global objects, that can contain any amount of user's rules under one name and can be applied to several users or usergroups without additional setup. In this case, the user's rule can be: deny rule, allow rule, proxy exception, limiting number of connections, speed limitation, bandwidth allocation, route, quota, DLP control, content filtration rule.

By default, in “Rulesets” module the empty rulesets are created for every role that is in ICS CUBE, and also three predefined rulesets: ruleset for scools with Kaspersky Web Filter. It should be noted, that you cannot delete ruleset of a role, but if you delete the role, its ruleset will be deleted automatically. When you add a new role, an empty ruleset is automatically created for it.

Ruleset for schools with Kaspersky Web Filter.


To create a ruleset, press the “add” button, enter name and description, and, if necessary, schedule for the ruleset (for example, Mon-Fri, 08.00-17.00). This way you'll create a name, that will contain some user's rules, as you create folder to contain files. To create a specific user's rule, you can choose the ruleset name and press “Add” or, if you press to the ruleset name, the list of rules will be opened in a separate module. In this module you can press the “Add” button to add rules, like you do it with users and groups. Also in this module tabs “Users” and “Events” will be available. There are two approaches to apply created rules to user. First, in the “Users” menu you can choose a User by double-cluck, and in opened module go into “Rules and restrictions” tab, press “Add”, choose “Ruleset” and then choose the ruleset you want to apply. Second, in the “Rulesets” module you can press a ruleset name, and if it's not one of the default, you'll see the “Users” tab there, where you can flag users or groups to which you want this ruleset to be applied.

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