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-VoIP is the communication system ​which transmits an audio signal over IP-networks. ​The signal ​over the communication channel ​is transmitted ​in digital form and, as a rule, is converted ​before transmission ​in order to remove redundancy.+VoIP is communication system ​that transmits an audio signal over IP-networks. ​Signal is transmitted ​over the communication channel in digital form and, as a rule, before transmission ​is transformed ​to remove redundancy.
-The “Telephony” module, ​developed on the basis of the Asterisk ​ip-telephony server ​(Voice over IPIP Private branch exchange (VoIP PBX)), ​is responsible for processing VoIP-data in ICS CUBE. Asterisk ​is freeware ​solution ​for corporate level telephone services with open code. It is a very reliable ​solution which has proven ​its business qualities over a long time. Currently, the module ​supports ​voice data transfer ​using SIP and IAX protocols.+The "IP telephony"​ service ​developed on the basis of the Asterisk ​IP-telephony server is responsible for processing VoIP data in the ICS CUBE. This is a free and open-source computer telephony ​solution ​which is quite reliable ​and has proven ​itself to be good. Currently, the service ​supports data transfer ​over the SIP and IAX protocols.
-The module status, “Turn Off” button (or “Turn On” button if the module is in off status) and the latest messages are displayed when you enter the module.+The "​Service" ​module is located ​in the "IP telephony"​ menu. When you open the module, the "IP telephony"​ and "​Log"​ tabs will be displayed in the main window, and the "IP telephony"​ tab will be active.
-**Important**:​ if the module has “not configured” status, then it is necessary to set up the DNS-zone in ICS CUBE so that the system name in the “System” module resolves to the ip-address of ICS CUBE.+==== IP telephony====
-The summary ​of all system messages from the web server is located in the “Log” tab. The log is divided into the pages, you can jump from page to page with “forward” and “back” buttons, ​or you can enter the page number in the field and switch to it immediately.+**The "IP telephony"​ tab.** This tab displays the status ​of the service with the possibility ​to "​Disable"​ (or "​Enable"​ if the service is disabled) and the latest log messages.
-Log entries are highlighted in color depending on the type of the message. The regular system messages are marked by white color, the system status messages (on / off, user connection, etc.) - by green color, error messages - by red color.+==== Log. ====
-Search field is located in the right upper corner of the modules interface. With it you can search in the log for records of interest.+{{:​asterisk2.png?|}}
-By default the log displays events for the current date. To view events for another dteselect ​the desired date using the calendar in the left upper corner of the module interface.+**The “Log” tab** displays a summary of all system messages of the corresponding servers with the date and time. The log is divided into pages, using the “forward” and “back” buttons it is possible to go from page to page, or enter the number of the desired page. 
 +Log entries are highlighted in color depending on the type of message. Normal system messages are marked in white, system status messages (on / off, user connection) are green, warnings are yellow, errors are red. 
 +In the upper right corner of the log is a search bar. And the ability to select the period for displaying the event log. By defaultthe log displays events for the current date. If necessaryyou can save the log data to a file by clicking ​the “Export” button or delete ​the log data for a certain period by clicking ​the “Delete logs” button.
-If necessary, you can save the log data into a file by pressing the "​Export"​ button. 
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