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-=====All services=====+=====All services.=====
-The "All services"​ module is located in the "Service" menu. In this module ​you can see the list of all the services, modules and servers of ICS CUBE, and you can also manage them there (turning ​on/off).+The "All services"​ module is located in the "Maintenance" menu. This module ​displays a list of all ICS CUBE services. It can also be used to turn these services ​on/off.
-The service/​module/​server ​status (Enabled/​Disabled) ​are safe from the reboot, turned off service/​module/​server won'​t ​be enabled at the next launch of ICS CUBE. You can open the service/​module/​server manage ​page (if one available) by clicking its name.+Service ​status (Enabled/​Disabled) ​is saved between reboots, ​the disabled ​service ​will not be started ​the next time the ICS CUBE power is turned onIf you click the service ​name, the corresponding ICS CUBE page will open, if it is available.
-{{scr01all-services-eng.jpg|Страница Все сервисы}}+{{:​allservices1.png?|}}
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