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SpamAssassin antispam.

The “SpamAssassin antispam” module is located in the “Mail” menu. It is used to determine whether an email is spam, in which case the subject of the email will be changed. When you open the module, the main window displays the status of the “SpamAssassin Anti-Spam” service with the possibility to “Disable” (or “Enable” if the service is disabled) and service settings.

The “Scan mail” flag activates the service.

The “The number of points at which the message is considered as spam” field allows you to set the threshold at which it will be considered spam. A threshold of zero indicates that all emails are spam.

The “Update databases now” button launches an immediate check of the relevance of antispam databases and updates them if necessary.

Events of this module are logged in the Menu - Maintenance - System log - “System log” tab - you need to select the “SpamAssassin antispam” log.

Learn more about SpamAssassin -

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