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File storage

General information.

File storage module interface is the list of all user resources which are located on the ICS CUBE. There are two sections of file storage module: left side is the whole shared folder tree and the right side is the list of files and subfolders of the selected folder in the tree. Also on the left side you can find information about volume of a folder or a file, type, and date of the last change.

Using buttons on the top bar you can add, delete and edit all folders with the exception of the “primary” folder and folders which corresponding to ICS CUBE hard disk partitions. There are the root folders and it cannot be edited.

Folder Actions.

Because of file storage is the universal center of control of user resources, you can create different shared resources directly from the module. Select the folder you want to share in the right side of the module, “Open access” button will appear, press it and choose the type of sharing: Web resource, Virtual host, FTP resource or Shared resource. After that, the window for adding the corresponding resource will open.

If access to the folder is open and folder is selected, then information about the resource will appear with a link to the corresponding module:

In some cases web-server is needed additional rights to work with files. Advanced resource settings are used for such situations. To allow the web-server write access to a folder you should select a resource in the right side of the module and check the box “Allow web server to write”.

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