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 =====Technical support===== =====Technical support=====
-It is possible that you’ll need our technical assistance ​in ICS CUBE configuration or troubleshootingIn the case, when your ICS CUBE is located ​behind a third party firewall, which totally denies ​incoming connections or in a grey network behind NAT, you can use “Technical support” service to grant access to your ICS CUBE for A-Real Consulting technical support personnel.+The "​Technical support"​ module ​is located ​in the "​Maintenance"​ menu. This module is intended for providing access to the ICS CUBE to a technical support employee of the A-Real Consulting companyThis can be useful for getting help when setting up the ICS CUBE or eliminating any problems that arise when the ICS CUBE is behind a firewall ​that prohibits ​incoming connectionsor is in a private ​network behind ​NAT device (modemrouter)
-To start the service ​go to “Technical ​support” ​module ​and click on “Enable” button.+The "​Technical support"​ module has two tabs: "​Support"​ and "​Log"​. 
 +==== Support ==== 
 +The first tab of the module displays ​the service ​status, the "​Disable"​ button (or "​Enable"​ if the service is disabled), and the latest log messages.  
 +After starting the module, the connection port will be displayed in the summary under the service name (usually port 20xx). You need to tell the port number to the technical ​support ​employee for remote connection. 
 +==== Log ==== 
 +**The “Log” tab** displays a summary of all system messages of the corresponding servers with the date and time. The log is divided into pages, using the “forward” and “back” buttons it is possible to go from page to page, or enter the number of the desired page. 
 +Log entries are highlighted in color depending ​on the type of message. Normal system messages are marked in white, system status messages (on / off, user connection) are green, warnings are yellow, errors are red. 
 +In the upper right corner of the log is a search bar. And the ability to select the period for displaying the event log. By default, the log displays events for the current date. If necessary, you can save the log data to a file by clicking the Export” button or delete the log data for a certain period by clicking the “Delete logs” button.
-After start of the service ICS CUBE will log port number for accepting connection from our technical support personnel (ICS CUBE chooses port normally to be random number of 2000x), locate it in the log and tell the opened port number to our engineer from technical support. ​ 
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