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The “Synchronization” module is placed in the “Users and statistics” menu. This module allows to manage and configure the ICS CUBE synchronization service. The module has three tabs: “Users synchronization service”, “Settings” and “Log”.

Users synchronization service.

On the “Users synchronization service” you can see the status of the service (enabled/disables/not configured), the “Disable”/”Enable” button and the log for the current date.


The “Settings” tab synchronize with the import from LDAP/AD form.

The following fields are mandatory: “Domain controller” - for the IP-address of the domain, “Domain” - for the name of the domain, “Login” and “Password”.

If the data is correct, when you press the “Save” button, the synchronization service will be started, otherwise, the settings won’t be saved.

If it is necessary to implement a secure channel between LDAP-server and ICS CUBE, you need to mark the checkbox “Secure LDAP” and choose a certificate from the ICS CUBE certificates list.

It should be noted that this certificate must be installed on the LDAP-server. To create such certificate on ICS CUBE go to “Security” menu - “Certificates” tab and choose in the “Certificate type” field the “Final certificate”, and in the “Template” field - “Server”.


On the “Log” tab you can find all the system messages from the “Synchronization” module with a timestamp.

Log is divided into pages, you can navigate through them using “Next” and “Previous” buttons, or specify a page number directly in the appropriate field.

Logs are marked by colour depending on their type. Normal messages are white, system status messages are green, warnings are yellow and errors are red.

In the top right corner there is a search line. And also you can choose a period for logs viewing there. By default log is showing messages for the current date.

If necessary, you can save the log into a file, using the “Export” button or delete log messages for some period, using the “Delete logs” button.

Also this log is showing in the “Maintenance” menu - “System log” - the “System log” tab, to view synchronization service log, you need to choose “Users synchronization service”.

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