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-The "​System"​ module is located in the "Service" menu. In this module you can enter the organisation ​name, which will be shown in web-interface, system ​domain namedelete data, and also take a look at the current tasks in ICS CUBE (settings updateapplying ​etc). The "​System"​ module has four tabs: System, Data Removal, Log and Tasks.+The "​System"​ module is located in the "Maintenance" menu. This module ​is intended for you to be able to enter the organization ​name, which will be displayed ​in the web interface; enter the domain name of the system; ​delete data; view current tasks in the ICS CUBE (backup, user import, etc.). The "​System"​ module has four tabs: "System""Data deletion"​"Log", "Tasks".
-====System====+==== System====
-The "​System"​ tab. On this tab you can see fields for the following ​data: "Organisation ​name" (will be presented ​in ICS CUBE web-interface) and "Hostname", please, ​note that if you change ​hostname, you will need to add the appropriate ​DNS-record, otherwise telephony ​server, mail server ​and Jabber-server ​will not function. The "​Settings print" and "​System files print" are system fields.+**The "​System"​ tab.** This tab contains the fields for data entry: "Organization ​name" (will be displayed ​in the ICS CUBE web interface) and "System name" ​(hostname). Please ​note that if you change ​this name, you need to create an appropriate record in the DNS server, otherwise ​the IP-telephony, mail and jabber servers ​will not work
-If you press the button ​"Initial system setup wizard", ​new dialog window ​will be opened, in which you can stepwise enter: organization name, hostname, change login and password (of the web-interface) for the first (chronologically) ​ICS CUBE user with "​Administrator"​ role.+The "Allow ICS to send anonymous statistics" ​flag is available if the license for more than 8 users was purchased for the ICS CUBE. If this flag is setanonymous statistics ​will be collected from the ICS CUBE.
-====Data removal====+When you click the "​System setup wizard"​ button, a new dialog box will open. In this dialog box you will be asked to enter the following (stepwise): the organization name, system name (hostname), and change the login and password to log in to the web interface of the program of the first (by time) ICS CUBE user with the "​Administrator"​ role.
-{{en5-ics.system2.jpg}}+==== Data deletion====
-The "Data removal"​ tab. It allows to delete various logs (the data, which is kept on ICS CUBE) and phone calls records automatically or manually.+{{:system2.png?|}}
-{{en5-ics.system3.jpg}}+**The "Data deletion"​ tab.** It allows you to delete various logs (data contained in the ICS CUBE) and call records in automatic or manual mode.
-Manual mode. To remove data manually you need to press the "​Manual data removal"​ button, then a new dialog window will appear in which you'll need to enter the data you want to remove (statistics logs, detailed statistics logs, phone calls records, system logs) and the period of time. After you press "​Ok",​ chosen data will be irretrievably deleted.+{{:system3.png?|}}
-Automatic ​mode. It allows ​to set time period ​or quota (in Mb) reaching which ICS CUBE will delete ​stored data (statistics logs, detailed ​statistics logs, phone calls records, system logs). ​If both time period and quota are setthen the removal ​will happen when any of the parameters will match. You can choose these options as a time period: never, older than a week, older than a month, older than 2 months, older than 3 months, older than 6 months, older than a year.+**Manual ​mode.** To manually delete data, click "​Manual data deletion"​. A new dialog box will open where you will be asked to specify the time period ​limits and select the data to delete (statistics logs, statistics ​detail ​logs, call records, system logs). ​After clicking the "​OK"​ button, the selected data will be permanently deleted.
-Statistics logs are data, collected from detailed statistics and grouped by various features ​to decrease its size on hard drive and for optimization ​the reports formation. Please note that these logs doesn'​t include: ip data, http datasearch feed data and user activity ​data. When deleted, ​statistics logs can be restored using detailed statistics data.+**Automatic mode.** It allows you to set time frame or quota (in MB) for which the ICS CUBE will delete stored ​data (statistics logsstatistics detail logscall records, system logs). If a time frame and quota are set, data will be deleted ​depending on the parameter value that was reached earlier. It is proposed to choose one of the possible options as a time frame: neverolder than a week, older than a month, older than 2 months, older than 3 months, older than 6 months, older than a year.
-Detailed statistics ​logs are all the statistics, gathered ​on ICS CUBE from Users without any grouping. When detailed ​statistics ​is deleted, the data is deleted irretrievably.+Statistics ​logs are data collected from detailed ​statistics ​and combined according to various criteria to reduce the amount of space on your hard drive and optimize the reporting time. Please note that these logs do not contain IP data, http data, search engine feed data, and user activity data. When deleting ​statistics ​logsyou can restore them using the corresponding logs of detailed statistics.
-System ​logs are data of the system log and data shown in the "​Events"​ and "​Log"​ tabs of all ICS CUBE modules.+Statistics detail ​logs are all statistics collected by the ICS CUBE from users without any associations or groupings. If you delete detailed statistics, the data will be permanently deleted.
-====Log====+Call records are records of phone calls made using the telephony server in the ICS CUBE.
-{{en5-ics.system4.jpg}}+System logs are defined as system log data and data displayed in the "​Events"​ and "​Log"​ tabs of all the ICS CUBE modules.
-The "​Log"​ tab. Shows the report of all system ​messages of the "​System"​ module with a timestampLog is divided to pages, you can navigate it using "​Next"​ and "​Back"​ buttons, or you can enter required page number manually. The messages in the log are marked by color depending on theirs type. Normal system messages are marked white, system status messages (turning on/off) - green, warnings - yellow and errors - red. In the right top corner of the module there is a search line, and also there is a function of choosing a period for which logs will be shown. By default log shows the events for the current date. If necessary, you can save the log to a file using the "​Export"​ button or delete the log for custom period, using the "​Delete log" button.+You can also clean the system ​using Recovery consoleThis can be useful if the ICS CUBE web interface ​is unavailable due to hard drive overfilling.
-====Tasks====+==== Log. ====
 +**The “Log” tab** displays a summary of all system messages of the corresponding servers with the date and time. The log is divided into pages, using the “forward” and “back” buttons it is possible to go from page to page, or enter the number of the desired page. 
 +Log entries are highlighted in color depending on the type of message. Normal system messages are marked in white, system status messages (on / off, user connection) are green, warnings are yellow, errors are red. 
 +In the upper right corner of the log is a search bar. And the ability to select the period for displaying the event log. By default, the log displays events for the current date. If necessary, you can save the log data to a file by clicking the “Export” button or delete the log data for a certain period by clicking the “Delete logs” button. 
 +==== Tasks. ==== 
 +**The "​Tasks"​ tab.** It displays the running asynchronous processes in the ICS CUBE, as well as the completion percentage for each process. By clicking the "​Cancel"​ button, you can terminate the corresponding process. When asynchronous process is executed, the ICS CUBE user can make various settings in the ICS CUBE GUI. Asynchronous processes include mail transfer, user import, backup, etc.
-The "​Tasks"​ tab. It shows the asynchronous tasks in process on ICS CUBE, and also the progress for each process in percents. When asincronica task is in progress, ICS CUBE user can make various settings in ICS CUBE. Asynchronous tasks are: settings update, mail transfer, Users import, backup installation etc. 
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