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 +====== Technical support ======
 +Our company main priority is satisfied customer. We are doing our best to help you enjoy ICS and, should the need be, its technical support. Here is how you can make use of technical support:
 +The free unlimited technical support is available during ICS pre-purchase evaluation period and during the whole first year of using ICS. You can order technical support extension for any number of consequent years.
 +To ensure fast service please give us correct problem description. Before contacting technical support we recommend that you review the following:
 +  *ICS manual
 +  *[[http://​​support/#​pres/​|Additional materials]]
 +===Technical support service schedule===
 +^Days ^Operators on duty (Moskow time)^
 +|Monday-Friday|08:​00 – 20:00|
 +|Saturday|09:​00 – 17:00|
 +===Here is how you can contact technical support===
 +  *Via personal [[https://​​support/​profile|cabinet on site]] (for clients with premium update license); ​
 +  *Chat with online operator at our site;
 +  *Leave message via client [[https://​​support/​feedback.php|contact form at site]];
 +  *Send request from ICS interface;
 +  *Dial;
 +  *Send e-mail to <​>;​
 +  *Use Skype and ICQ of particular engineers of [[https://​​contacts/​|support group]];
 +  *Use online forum.
 +When contacting technical support by any mean, please leave your name, company name and contact information if appropriate. Also you can provide number of update license.
 +===Technical support request priorities===
 +We are doing our best to service all requests ASAP. Each request to technical support is tagged with level of urgency and level of priority, which both define time share the request obtains and influence the time of request resolution.
 +===Update license===
 +  *ICS Update license gives access to new versions of the product and extended technical support. ​
 +  *Update license is provided free for 1 year from first ICS activation after purchase initial.
 +  *If your Update license has expired, you need to buy Update license including the period, when it was inactive.
 +  *Update license price may grow by 10% if it is purchased after 2 or more months the previous Update license expiration date.
 +  *Update license is related to updates and technical support only. You can use the product no matter if you have valid Update license or not.
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