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Traffic categories.

“Traffic categories” module is located in the “Users and statistics” menu. This module can be used to combine many IP-addresses and URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) and URL extensions, search queries, mime-types in named categories. The traffic categories are used for blocking rules, permitting rules and skipping proxy rules in the “Rulesets” module by serving as “Destination” field for some users or group of users.

Built-in traffic categories.

In the module window you can see all existing traffic category groups. The pre-defined groups cannot be edited or removed, you can only export the contents of them.

SkyDNS traffic categories.

The groups with the SkyDNS logo (the blue and black shield) will be filled if license for SkyDNS has been purchased.

Kaspersky traffic categories.

The groups with the Kaspersky Lab logo will be filled if license for Kaspersky Lab modules has been purchased.

To create your own traffic category, that will contain a set of IP-addresses, URLs, extensions, search queries or mime-types, you need to press “Add” button and choose the “Traffic category”.

Then the dialog window with several tabs will be shown. In the first tab you are required to enter the name for the traffic category and, if necessary, its description. The “Addresses” tab is meant for URLs and IP-addresses. The “Extensions” tab is for all kinds of extensions, this option allows proxy-server to work with the extensions when processing URLs - to detect and perform appropriate action (permit/block/skip). At the “Keywords” tab you can enter words or phrases, and, if proxy-server matches them it in a URL, it will perform an appropriate action (permit/block/skip). On the “Mime types” tab you can enter standardized mime-headers and mime-extensions of the files. If proxy-server sees the mime-type in a URL, it will perform an appropriate action (permit/block/skip).

If it's necessary to save a ruleset externally, in each tab there's export function for these purposes. Also, it works the other way around: if have categories in a file in *.txt format, you can import it, using the “Import” button.

If you need to combine several groups of traffic under one name, you can use the “Add” button and then choose the “Traffic category group” button. In ICS CUBE interface you can use drag-and-drop to drag categories into a group.

You can automate composing, editing and actualization of values in “Addresses”, “Extensions”, “Keywords” and “Mime types” tabs. To do so choose “Traffic auto category” configure URL pf text files, containing categories and set update frequency for this files. Traffic auto category will have a book-and-chain logo. They are being updated with the intercal you've specified, to update the category instantaneously just select it in ICS CUBE interface.

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