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 =====Updates===== =====Updates=====
-ICS CUBE automatically checks availability of new updates and if new updates are available informs ​the administrator upon entering ​the web interface.+The "​Updates"​ module is located in the "​Maintenance"​ menu. This module displays the availability and readiness to install the ICS CUBE update, as well as the ICS CUBE version history (changelog). It allows you to find out what new features have appeared in the ICS CUBE, what bugs have been fixed, as well as what changes have been made to the functioning of modules.
-The “Update” module also shows availability of updates and their readiness for installation+{{:updates1.png?|}}
-Here the version history is also displayed. The version history contains information about new features and bug fixes included in the new update.+==== Update installation ====
-If there are available ​updatesthey will have “Download” button ​corresponding to each update. ​Click on this button ​to start download. ​Once the update ​has been completely downloadedInstall” button will appear ​for it. To start updating click on “Update” button+If an update is available ​for the ICS CUBEthen a red circle ​will light up opposite the "​Maintenance"​ menu, and the number of the available version will be displayed opposite the "​Updates"​ module.  
 +The "Download" ​button ​will appear in the "​Updates"​ module itself. When you click the "​Download"​ button, the download of the update ​will beginPlease note that if there is not enough space on the hard drive (less than twice the volume of the update), the "​Download" ​button ​will not be available, and the "not enough drive space" message will appear in red in the status. You can stop the download ​process by clicking the "Stop download"​ button that appearsAfter downloading ​the update, ​you will see the "Install" ​button, which you need to click to start the installation process. 
 +When installing the update, the server ​will stop all network services, then install new components and ask for a reboot.
-During the installation ICS CUBE will stop all network services and reboot, resuming installation and configuration of new components after the reboot sequence. 
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