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User personal module.

User personal module or personal page of User/Group is designed for overview and modification all of the settings that belong to a certain User/Group. To open User personal module, choose “Users and statistics” menu - “Users”, choose the user/group you want to overview settings for and click on user or group name. The new window will be opened, in which you would see the following tabs: “Status”, “Overall report”, “IP/MAC-addresses”, “Rules and restrictions”, “Mail and telephony”, “Forwarding”, “OpenVPN”, “Applications”, “Statistics”, “Events”.


In this tab you can: disable the user (for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day or until arbitrary the date and time) or edit (the edit menu is similar the adding user menu). Please note, that editing, disabling and deletion of users synchronized with LDAP/AD is not possible.

Also on this tab you can see: status (enabled/disabled); ICS CUBE username; address book username; IP-addresses; daily, weekly and monthly statistics; current bandwidth consumption in byte/sec and packet/sec.

Overall report.

This tab shows preset overall report for the user. In contains user general data (Status, login, address book login, IP-addresses, speed and daily, weekly, monthly statistics); hourly statistics for incoming/outgoing traffic for the last 24 hours, top 5 of IP-addresses and domains visited; and also top 5 categories of traffic used.


On this tab you can see buttons: “Add”, “Delete” and “Edit”. After pressing “Add” you can assign IP-addresses to a particular user, and if the user is currently active ICS CUBE will detect this user's MAC-address. When you highlight the IP-address field, you get the option to associate the IP-address with the MAC-address of the device, or delete this association. When adding MAC-address, and the user is currently active, ICS CUBE will assign an IP for this user automatically. When editing and adding, you can also enter a comment to IP or MAC-address.

Rules and restrictions.

This tab allows you to set rules, quotas and routes as in the “Rulesets” module. By default, the user inherits rules from the role this user is assigned to. Default rule can not be removed.

Mail and telephony.

This tab allows to set a telephone number or a mailbox for a user.


This tab allows to set the action for the situation when a user does not answer his phone calls.

All redirects to user telephone number will displayed in this tab if two conditions are met: the user’s number is specified in the field “If doesn't answer” and redirects (forwarding option) are set up in ICS CUBE. Forwarding to user's number which is specified as only one available can be edited.


“OpenVPN” tab displays whether the user has ability of using OpenVPN connection. If OpenVPN connection is not available for the user the message “Enable OpenVPN access for user in module VPN” will appear.

To add ability of using OpenVPN you need to go to Menu - Network - VPN - “Users” tab. There you will find parameters:

  • “Push default route to client” checkbox - installs ICS CUBE as the default gateway on the connected device.
  • “Push routes to clients” field - allows transferring information about specified LANs to the user.
  • “Remote network addresses” field - allows you to set the IP-address / mask pairs reachable trough the User’s device.
  • “Load VPN client certificate” field - allows you to select the end certificate for the user.
  • “Save”, “Refresh” and “Download certificates” buttons.



This tab presents a way to create customized templates for of user reports. You can find instructions for this function in the Menu - “Users and Statistics” - “Reports management” - “Reports designer”.


This tab contains a list of all events related to the user.

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