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 +The "​Users"​ module is placed in the "Users and Statistics"​ menu. It is meant to adding and configuring IDs of network units. When opening "​Users"​ module, you can see "​Users"​ and "​Roles"​ in the new window, and the "​Users"​ tab would be the active one. In the window would be the tree of user groups and user names, and also personal statistics of the day, week and month. After pressing name of a group of user, you would see the personal page of this user or group. For group and users setup you can use the buttons in the window:
 +  * «Add» allows [[users50|to add]] users and user groups;
 +  * «Delete», allows to delete users and groups, but not the root category;
 +  * «Turn off», allows to turn off users and groups for 5 minutes, for 30 minutes, for 1 hour, for 1 day or permanently. When you choose one of these options, user or group lose Internet connect immediately;​
 +  * «Edit», allows to edit users and groups; when pressed - opens the edit window;
 +  * «Import», allows to import users and groups from a file, network or from LDAP/AD;
 +  * «Export» allows to export users and groups from ICS along with theirs settings, rules and restrictions,​ also while exporting you can make a choice about password saving;
 +  * «Wizard» opens the wizard of users and groups creation of ICS;
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