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The “Users” module is located in “Users and statistics” menu and is designed to manage user activity in the corporate network. The “Users” and “Roles” tabs will be displayed in the main window after opening “Users” module. “Users” tab will be active by default.

A tree of user groups and names, their statistic per day, per week and per month are displayed in the window. To see a personal details of a group or a user you need to click on the corresponding name of the group or user. There are buttons to administer groups and users:

  • “Add” button allows to add users or groups of users;
  • “Delete” button allows to delete a users or any groups of users except the root group;
  • “Disable” button allows to deactivate users or groups of users for 5 minutes, for 30 minutes, for 1 hour, for 1 day or forever. Access to Internet will lost immediately for such users or groups of users;
  • “Edit” button allows to edit information about users or groups of users in a separate edit form.
  • “Import” button allows to import users or groups of users from a file, from network or from LDAP/Active Directory;
  • “Export” button allows to export users or groups of users from ICS CUBE. All settings, rules and limitations will saved and exported. Export option is available with password saving option.
  • “Wizard” button brings up the wizard to create new users or group of users in ICS CUBE.

In the upper right corner there are buttons to toggle user view between tree or list and also search field. If you choose list view the window will divided into 2 parts. Tree of groups is displayed on the left side. Table with details about a group selected in the tree is displayed in the right side.

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